• authored by lefkenny
  • published Thu, Jul 4, 2002

Another President With The Attitude

Another President With The Attitude

Yes it's another President with the attitude that he is el supremo and unaccountable to anyone. President Emile Subirana of Québec Musicians Guild is accused by other executive members of padding his own wallet.

Denis Filiatreault, an executive members and director of the Québec Musicians' Guide claims union President Emile Subirana has been collecting over $10,000 dollars a month as well as an increased basic salary amounting to over $100,000 dollars. In total Subirana could be collecting as much as $200,000 a year, but no one knows for sure.

Well, finding out should be simple for any member right? Wrong. Two executive members had to take extreme measures to even get a glance at the books. Filiatreault and Harwood both executive members went to Subirana office with a locksmith with the intensions of finding out once an for all what the books said.

Before these executive members finished their covert operation, a loyal tipster notified Subirana. Subirana immediately put up physical and legal roadblocks. Subirana quickly arranged for lawyers, bailiffs and security guards to be sent to his office.

Subirana said:

"They have no right to go in there-no authority, no resolution from the board."

Filiatreault responded:

"As a member of the executive, I have a right to see those books. As director, I have a duty to see those books."

What would be the next step, call a special meeting? Well, Filiatreault and five others executives did just that, but the rest of the executive never showed up. How typical of status quo union leaders. Subirana is quoted as saying:

"They can call all the meetings they like."

Subirana goes on to say that if all attempts to solve matters internally fail, he intends to sue at least four of the dissidents.

How very typical of union leaders. When faced with any type of scrutiny, union leaders frequently put up all types of walls, including law suits hoping to scare off any opposition. Why are financial statements not shown at union meetings? Why is the President the only one who knows what is in the books?

If this type of financial exclusion happens in a small union of 3,500 members, what happens in larger unions? In fact try to get a financial statement from a national union like CUPE for example. If you ask as a member, they will not even return your e-mail. If you are an executive of a local. you may have to threaten to withhold dues and even then you will only receive parts and pieces or material that is unreadable.

It would seem obvious that unions in Canada will need to be legislated by governments to submit financial statements and put on governments web sites for all to view, much like what the U.S.A. is doing.

We need reform desperately in Canada. Union leaders upon union leaders in Canada have the attitude they can do as they please and most of them do.


  • posted by Scott Mcpherson
  • Thu, Jul 4, 2002 6:37pm

did everybody hear that? it was the sound of another nail being driven into the coffin of modern day mainstream labour unions. greed is a wonderful thing isn't it? it makes you momentarially prosperous and permanently stupid all at the same time.

  • posted by Subirana
  • Sat, Jul 9, 2005 7:16am

There is only one problem here. The allegations made in 2002 against Subirana were found to be a conspiracy to take over the union illegally. They were also totally false as an investigation confirmed. Masse, Filiatreault, Harwood and Gagnon, the four board members who attempted the coup, were removed from office four months later by their own union for the worst violations of union bylaws and ethics in 38 Years! It really helps to get the facts straight even when dealing with unions and union leaders.

  • posted by siggy
  • Sat, Jul 9, 2005 7:30am

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