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  • published Thu, Apr 14, 2005

Royal Host admits they are INCOMPETENT!

I had to give this breaking news its own thread!

For years the staff of the Mondo Condo Travelodge has watched this great Canadian corporation 'manage'. It was sickening, but only we saw it. Today they looked themselves in the mirror (shoved violently in their face) and retched.

For months employees have been arguing that the ESA says one thing and Royal Host is doing something else. Our GM confirmed long ago that head office HR agreed with our interpretation. Yet they purposefully stayed on their WRONG course hoping to avoid complaints so as not to cause a PR disaster. Fools. We didn't get a breakdown because they know they purposefully (can't be incompetence according to them) fucked up.

Recent phone calls and emails prove that they kept to the 'we and our calculations are right' position until the bitter end. Over the phone they even claimed to be professionals and always correct.

Today's response to my new favorite pit-bull...


Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2005 4:59 PM
Subject: Re: Severance Package Travelodge Toronto Yorkdale


We have recalculated your pay back from April fifth, and have discovered there is an error. Your average earnings did change to 224.15, therefore we owe you $439.34 less deductions. We will be mailing you a cheque tomorrow (Friday April 15, 2005) in the amount of $395.41.

Thank you
Sherry Wall

It turns out for severance, they used the termination clause of the ESA...


No regular work week
(2) For the purposes of clause (1) (b), if the employee does not have a regular work week or if the employee is paid on a basis other than time, the employer shall pay the employee an amount equal to the average amount of regular wages earned by the employee per week for the weeks in which the employee worked in the period of 12 weeks immediately preceding the **day on which notice was given**. 2001, c. 9, Sched. I, s. 1 (13).

Instead of the SEVERANCE clause...


Where no regular work week
(6) For the purposes of subsections (1) and (5), if the employee does not have a regular work week or if the employee is paid on a basis other than time, the employee's regular wages for a regular work week shall be deemed to be the average amount of regular wages earned by the employee for the weeks in which the employee worked in the period of 12 weeks preceding the date on which,
(a) the employee's employment was severed; or
(b) if the employee's employment was severed under clause 63 (1) (c) or (d), the date on which the **lay-off began**. 2000, c. 41, s. 65 (6); 2002, c. 18, Sched. J, s. 3 (26).

126 (I believe) totally fucked up UNIONIZED WORKER severance checks! Some might have gotten more, some got less. But overall it was a huge benefit to Royal Host to go with the pre Feb 8th figures than to go with the Jan 11-April 5th dates.

Calgary needs to brush up on Ontario ESA.

Now we've got ourselves a little problem Royal Host, huh??? Huh, fuckers??? Huh???

Answer my email Greg. Remember that meeting we had? You were supposed to tell us if I was correct. Can you now tell us that we are collectively correct? Was a mistake made? 126 of them?

AND FUCK YOU TOO UFCW!! THANKS FOR NOTHING! Give it to that lawyer and her ESA book too.

You're wasting your... um, actually our... cash.

Edit: 126 (sorry, not all those were 5+ years, so the figure is a little less)... how many past severance checks and other monies were shenaniganized by your 'professionals', Greggy? Just like those mortgage numbers. Maybe a press release on your website would be in order? You can pull it after 5 minutes, like you did with the Travelodge sale one.

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  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 6:46pm

Phone calls a'plenty!

A new issue arises over this fraud (let's call it what it is).

Over the last year, many employee decisions (as to other jobs and shift selection) were based on very misleading statements from Greg Royer and Royal Host. The fact that they purposefully erred in their ESA interpretation caused some people to leave for other jobs or at least change their schedule and accept in lieu pay.

How do you correct this 'side effect'? Well the employees have been long asking for calculations to be based on a 40 hour work week. So clean and easy. It always sounded reasonable, since any 5+ year employee did actually work during the 'good times' (before Royal Host came in and bled it to death). Since then they were used and lied to, had their hours and livelihood railroaded by a rather callous REIT.

I'm still waiting for a breakdown. Every employee deserves a formal breakdown. Including those that you 'erred on' (hint: that is all of them).

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  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 10:31pm

You have to be commended for leading the managerial class in what should be a simple exercise in basic arithmetic.

Seriously, I can't imagine why this whole severance calculation process is so complicated. A lot of companies have to do these kinds of calculations for thousands of people. Many do them on an ongoing basis as the forumula involved is also used to calculate things like statutory holiday pay for workers who work irregular hours.

I have to wonder if the wishes of the new owners are playing into this. You know, less for youse, more for me - that sort of thing.

And where is the great and mighty UFCW in all of this? Oh wait, I forgot: The only numbers those guys can add are the ones on their expense claim forms. The more highly evolved ones can add the dues dollars.

Speaking of the UFCW, I find it really somehow wrong that they can be both the union and the owner of the business in this case. I mean let's face it, they were involved in the decisions that led to the closure of the hotel. How can you do that and be a responsible representative of the workers in their relationship with the employer? Sounds like some kind of tort thing - and I don't mean the kind from the bakery either. Anyway, something to consider.

Keep those reports coming in Potentate.

BTW: For those who may be wondering (or hoping) no I haven't walked off the edge of the planet. I'm away on assignment, terrorizing the forces of darkness in faraway places. I'll be filing my report on the front page in a couple of days.

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  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 1:25am


posted by remote viewer:
Sounds like some kind of tort thing - and I don't mean the kind from the bakery either. Anyway, something to consider.

Keep those reports coming in Potentate.

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure they both TASTE REALLY FUCKING SWEET though. Does UFCW want some sweets? Does Greg Royer want some cake? You guys are allowed to eat it too!

Hmmm... lots of Greg Royer comments on file...


I have always understood why you would be concerned about CCWIPP, that is your money they are throwing around. You may not always agree with the directions I take or the decisions that I make, but I promise, you will never have to question my motives or my integrity. Everything is done for the benefit of the company as a whole, all my compensation, both short and long-term, is tied directly to the overall success of the company.

Oh Greg, I don't need to question. You clearly state your motive. And you definitely have proven your integrity on all these issues. Cover your ass. Your compensation demands it!!

Remember this quote?...


Everyone in the company is encouraged to address me as Greg, Mr. Royer is pretty well reserved for formal situations, people who are uncomfortable with addressing their boss by his first name, and people who are mad at me, and are using the term sarcastically.

Mr. Royer, I'll give you one guess as to which former employees are mad at you. That's ALL that's needed. In anticipation of your response, I put on this wicked looking suit. There's a beautiful corsage waiting for you! But I'm nervous (as always!) that you might still not like it. Maybe the gift wouldn't be witty enough?


Pleased to see that your feeling better.

I never thanked you for this one. I am feeling a little better. Being proven right helps. Arguing with a lying brick wall CEO doesn't. Would you agree?

And pssst... it's you're. You've made the error a few times. Some associates might notice!

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  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 1:47am

Shit...I can't sleep tonight...thoughts of Royal Host somehow finding a loop hole to reverse their recent decision keep popping in my head. Oh well, nothing a $400 cheque won't solve. E-mailed my payroll friend (who assured me she was a professional and followed the ESA to the letter) back and thanked her for her time and effort. Really wanted to ask her if she was the one responsible for this fuck up and if so, as an accountant and so called 'professional,' shouldn't she be fired for this kind of thing? Hopefully she isn't fired but if she is, at least she can look forward to a severance package that she, or Royal Host, can then go on to fuck up. Later.

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  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 6:42am

The Pot and The Pit... funny how both had a sleepless night.

Any UFCW or Royal Host dudes wanna sign up and chat? Name suggestions...

Pattern Of Illegality (we'll call you The Pat)

Putt From The Rough (we'll call you The Putt... this one should go quickly!)

Pissing On Workers (go with The Piss)

Palm Greaser(you're catching on!)

Prick (no 'short form' needed)

  • posted by weiser
  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 7:13am

What's sickening is that the owners of the hotel (the UFCW) did nothing to make sure UFCW members got the best deal possible. And by saying the owners, I'm not talking about the UFCW local that represents the UFCW members who worked in the UFCW owned hotel.

Has someone written Cliff Evans (Mike Fraser's uncle) to ask what the f*%# the UFCW is going to do about the crap? Has someone asked Cliff Evans what the pension plan has to say about the way UFCW members were treated?

  • posted by blasdell
  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 8:33am

I smell class action lawsuit with punitive damages.

Contact a good corporate lawyer and sue their ass.

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  • Fri, Apr 15, 2005 1:50pm

Talk to the lawyer about the OLRB decisions that found that the UFCW had too close a relationship to the hotel's owner (by virtue of the millions it had loaned to him) to be certified as a representative of the workers. I believe there is a link to it in one of our CCWIPP articles. I'll dig it up and post it later when I have a chance.

The question that this decision raises is: Given that the OLRB found the UFCW could not be certified as a representative of the workers because of its relationship with the owner, wouldn't the union be even less fit to represent the workers once it actually became the owner (when Ron Kelly defaulted on his loans and CCWIPP in effect became a 50% owner)?

The UFCW was never certified at this hotel. It got in after its merger with the Textile Processors who raided the place in 1996 and took it away from HERE. Was it wrong for the UFCW to step in as union through the back door, knowing fully well that its relationship wasn't exactly one where it could dedicate itself to the interests of the workers?

If not at the time of the merger, certainly by the time that Kelly flew the coop and CCWIPP became a co-owner, the appropriateness of the UFCW acting as representative of the workers should have become very dubious.

Just some thoughts. More to follow.

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  • Sat, Apr 16, 2005 2:59pm

Remote, I've found some more select quotes that you might enjoy!

Hey, P.V... March 4th, 2005 meeting. You remember that nervous pat-down of me? You um, missed... maybe you went after the wrong person?

For newcomers and longtime fans, please refer to the early part of the Mondo Condo: The Game! thread for some previous commentary about this meeting. March 4th was the day that the UFCW union brought their brilliant lawyer Jackie in to bullshit us... complete with English accent (I think). Very regal and soothing. Our head shop-steward had also earlier been to see their old lawyer friend Bernie Fish-something. Let's see what the workers received from all that...

Hi Jackie!! I noticed you staring. I was keeping my eyes and ears on you too! Apperently your intro told us that weeks had been spent poring over Royal Host's correspondence and the ESA.


What your employer is doing is in line with the employment standards act..

I believe you. Now add another couple to your 100 sticky notes... go to 63 (1) and add the note Fuck you. Then go to 65 (6) and add bitch.


We (the union) only can work with the tools available to us. And the tools available to us are the collective agreement and the employment standards act...

If there is nothing in the collective agreement then what you are entitled to is what is in the law. And the law that applies here is the Employment Standards Act.

Collective agreement... empty
ESA law... purposefully misinterpreted

Not much in the old union tool-box for us is there handy-lady?

Jackie, your court performances must be awesome!

Now let's let the union guys in on our legal debate...


Legally there is nothing the union can do at this point. Legally there is not a thing that we can do to make this company give you more money.

How about at this point? Or should we go look for it elsewhere?

quote: we have had discussions with them and the company knows they are not required to pay more than this and they basically said "well, go fuck yourself. We're not paying more"

Join the club! We've been getting fucked from both sides. But we fuck back. Gotta share the work, ya know.


there has been a lot of people at the hotel that have made every attempt to put pressure on the management as well... and they're just not budging. They're saying we're paying the minimum required by law and you can sue us if you want. We're not gonna pay anymore.

It's nice when we're backed by the might of the UFCW (our owners). Your last statement is interesting... please refer to the first post in this thread.


They are strategically doing it (going back from February 8th) to pay you the least amount of money they have to pay you.

Ever thought about teaching Economics? Grade 1 students might appreciate it.


They're using the laws to their advantage. They read it. They had a bunch of lawyers that were the anti-Jackie's... people that want to screw the workers instead of help the workers. They sat down with a caclulator. They did the math. And ya, that's what they're doing.

Nooooo, they're breaking the law as usual and using their UFCW partners to their advantage, as usual. Of course they are anti-Jackie's. How can one lawyer without a calculator compete? You gotta get her more than that book, ya know.

I'm gonna leave this post with a comment from an older long-serving immigrant employee. Lot's more, but I can't top this question. It's an exact quote that cuts through all the bullshit and makes one wonder whether the smarter ones sit at the table or in the audience.


In this situation, we are, what we got is, we got just for government reason. What the government give us, that means the government protect us. In this situation. My question. What union did for us, like for union members, because I don't see nothing. Just only from government side.

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  • Sat, Apr 16, 2005 3:55pm

Some information has just come in (imagine what we're holding back!)...

Royal Host does have a toll free number!! Employees were told there is no toll-free number when they inquired. Front Desk employees found this ridiculous as Travelodge has a toll free number, why wouldn't their head office? I now really despise that HR guy that sat around on severance day. Turns out he's a lying kiss-ass. Maybe he can take Sherry's position at Royal Host. She apparently leaves next month. I for one am glad that she hung on long enough to take care of us.

Anyway the number is for the Royal Host Ombudsman. It was set up a little while back for people/workers within individual properties to be able to reach head office. To have the ability to bypass your own General Manager in regards to any issue.

The number... 1-877-LISTEN-2 (547-8362)
The email...

I encourage everyone to let Royal Host listen to you. Without wasting your own cash.

edit: Question arose as to why they pulled this number from their site. Hmmmm... it still works... and it sounds like such a noble idea...

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  • Sat, Apr 16, 2005 4:27pm

More phonecalls. Damn, I'm dying to eat, but I love this shit.

One employee has just figured out they shorted him at least $1000. Money is appearing on calculators across the city!

Another employee is looking into a major issue that also touches the Potentate's black heart. Working 3 days a week and taking 2 vacation days (sometimes 4 shifts- 1 shift, etc). This was past practice really encouraged by management and Royal Host. Many employees did this so as not to take extended time off and it made scheduling (due to lack of employees) much easier. But Royal Host's severance calculations are only taking the days worked into account, unfairly punishing those that accessed their vacation pay and time.

The 1-877 number above says that all questions will be responded to ASAP. If this is not the case, and you need to use the direct number, please try calling collect. Let us know if they accept. If not, keep your phone bill handy.

I'm still waiting patiently (seriously!) for my breakdown. I think my email confused Greg Royer. Did it confuse anyone else?


Noun: breakdown 'breyk`dawn

-An analysis into mutually exclusive categories

Mr. Royer, if the quote is too complicated for you, we can always give you an individual word by word breakdown. Let us know.

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  • Sun, Apr 17, 2005 10:04am

Hello Mr. Royer, and all you other Royal Host/UFCW fuckers!! Say hi to those lawyers of yours as well. We know 'em and feel sorry for them too.

Today's lesson is once more... THE LAW

Again we're referencing that seemingly complicated document called the... Employment Standards Act, 2000

Please direct your attention to PART V: PAYMENT OF WAGES. Humour us (more than you usually do). A few select parts...



Payment of wages

11. (1) An employer shall establish a recurring pay period and a recurring pay day and shall pay all wages earned during each pay period, other than accruing vacation pay, no later than the pay day for that period. 2000, c. 41, s. 11 (1).

On severance day (which most were conveniently not told about) employees were also given about 3 other checks covering left-over in lieu and accrued vacation pay. This was not done by direct deposit. Question: DID THE EMPLOYER PAY ALL WAGES BY APRIL 12/05? or are there still some checks floating around? Like for 1/2 the employees?

They better be sent out by registered mail and direct deposited if they come back, you assholes.

NOTE TO ALL EMPLOYEES: SAVE ANY MAILED ENVELOPES YOU RECEIVE. It'll be interesting to see the 'posted on' date.


Place of payment by cash or cheque

(3) If payment is made by cash or cheque, the employer shall ensure that the cash or cheque is given to the employee at his or her workplace or at some other place agreeable to the employee. 2000, c. 41, s. 11 (3).

It wasn't at my workplace. And I didn't agree to fuck all. Question: WHO MADE THIS DAMN DECISION FOR MY COWORKERS AND I??


If employment ends

(5) If an employee's employment ends, the employer shall pay any wages to which the employee is entitled to the employee not later than the later of,

(a) seven days after the employment ends; and

(b) the day that would have been the employee's next pay day. 2000, c. 41, s. 11 (5).

Just incase you wanna hide from the first one, we're gonna shove this clause down your throat. Gag on it, Royer.


Statement re wages

12. (1) On or before an employee's pay day, the employer shall give to the employee a written statement setting out,

(a) the pay period for which the wages are being paid;

(b) the wage rate, if there is one;

(c) the gross amount of wages and, unless the information is provided to the employee in some other manner, how that amount was calculated;

Statement re wages on termination

12.1 On or before the day on which the employer is required to pay wages under subsection 11 (5), the employer shall provide the employee with a written statement setting out,

(a) the gross amount of any termination pay or severance pay being paid to the employee;

(b) the gross amount of any vacation pay being paid to the employee;

(c) unless the information is provided to the employee in some other manner, how the amounts referred to in clauses (a) and (b) were calculated;

(d) the pay period for which any wages other than wages described in clauses (a) or (b) are being paid;

(e) the wage rate, if there is one;

(f) the gross amount of any wages referred to in clause (d) and, unless the information is provided to the employee in some other manner, how that amount was calculated;

(g) the amount and purpose of each deduction from wages;

(h) any amount with respect to room or board that is deemed to have been paid to the employee under subsection 23 (2); and

(i) the net amount of wages being paid to the employee. 2002, c. 18, Sched. J, s. 3 (5).



All you mother-fuckers are gonna suffer from a different type of one. At some point the silence on your part has to be criminal. Like I mean it's all been criminal up to this point, but you know what I mean. Ask your lawyers.

Edit comment: I'm so pissed that I forgot to include my icon. Now I'm even more pissed.

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  • Sun, Apr 17, 2005 5:05pm

Welcome again guys!!

Let me reminisce for a sec with a related personal story.

There was a point a few years back where the Potentate contemplated law school. But because he hated school in general, it never panned out. But he did entertain and prove a point to himself and his friends. Paying about $110 (a guess) he took the Law School Admission Test. But to make it more interesting it was done without any real prior study and after a sleep-deprived party night. The results came back and to our suprise, the Potentate barely squeezed into the top third percentile!

What's the point?

Nothing really. I'm just looking at these guys charging $450/hour (hope that gets at least a top third guy!). Jealous I guess.

But I'd also rather spend my cash on the 'stupider things in life' than have a lawyer doing the easy work for me. Or going to school to figure this shit out.

So I'm publicly studying free of charge… call me Truman and I've got lots of time (due to a well publicized lay-off). Here's an argument that I'm working on at the moment. Run it by your legal teams. MfD input appreciated...

I'm into the Canada Labour Code at the moment (that should freak out the idiots that don't even understand the ESA). It might not cover us little Ontario-Canadians, but I would think most of the legislation is along similar lines.


"wages" «salaire»
"wages" includes every form of remuneration for work performed but does not include tips and other gratuities;

You see, I'm trying to figure out why they won't give us severance calculated with vacation pay. The pay covers a ‘regular workday'. The government seems to think we earned it during the period it was paid out in, because we get taxed on it at that point. Even if we couldn't include these full days, the hours actually worked during the severance time frame also ‘earn' a percentage vacation pay (8% in my case)… and at least that vacation pay should count as ‘earnings' toward the severance.
So I really like this quote…


Vacation pay
186. Vacation pay shall for all purposes be deemed to be wages.
R.S., c. L-1, s. 42.

Now I can't seem to find anything in the ESA, OLRA, or my close-to-blank collective agreement that gives out a definition so clearly.

Would Greg Royer's/UFCW's cash-suckers be able to tell me if I'm close to correct? I so want to learn how those brilliant Bay Street lawyers would look at this issue.

On another note, vacation pay has been a long-time hotel issue. Royal Host had been manipulating it to their advantage for years with full UFCW knowledge. To not do so on our severance would be out of character for all the dicks involved.

Time for recess. Will it be tunes or some porn? There's a real brain stumper for ya! Or how about both at the same time? Like Kasabian playing to a scene with Bunny Luv.

I think we have a winner!!

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  • Sun, Apr 17, 2005 6:53pm

Hey Greg, let's continue our study of THE LAW. Don't goof off like usual. Pay attention!!

We checked out what the Canada Labour Code thought about the definition of wages. Let's hear from the ESA...


'wages' means,

(a) monetary remuneration payable by an employer to an employee under the terms of an employment contract, oral or written, express or implied,

(b) any payment required to be made by an employer to an employee under this Act,

(c) any allowances for room or board under an employment contract or prescribed allowances,

but does not include,

(d) tips and other gratuities,

(e) any sums paid as gifts or bonuses that are dependent on the discretion of the employer and that are not related to hours, production or efficiency,

(f) expenses and travelling allowances, or

(g) subject to subsections 60 (3) or 62 (2), employer contributions to a benefit plan and payments to which an employee is entitled from a benefit plan; ('salaire')

So following the last lesson, we now learn that wages includes pretty much everything. So I now want to claim HOLIDAY PAY and OVERTIME PAY in my severance claim.

You see, we had a CBA that says we regularly get paid on holidays. And we get overtime pay. Therefore, in my not so humble opinion... when a holiday 'happens' that is a regular work week. The week that Easter fell on was a regular Easter work week. No?? Can you feel that argument?? Is it that stupid for us to feel that way? And when it comes to overtime, well everything else is based on a not-regular work week, so who's to say that doing overtime is not a norm? We EARNED our wages (including OVERTIME) on those dates to subsidize your incompetent fucking ass.

Severance breakdown Royer. Show us how you and your professionals fizzled our cash into Royal Host pockets.

No wonder you finally got those RYL.UN share dividends up! A bit of cash from partner Joe's friends and top it with some more Travelodge employee cash.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Apr 17, 2005 8:58pm

Latest email to the old boss...


Subject: just wondering...
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005

Did you by chance receive my last email?

I'm seriously concerned that the Travelodge employees were cheated on their severance. I was hoping to at least see a breakdown. Is it that difficult? Mr. Royer, I honestly thought you were a moral man. Seems so long ago.

You know what it's like to expect some money so that you can buy a car for your next job... which needs you to have a car? And then not to get any of it? One of your former employees is in that position. Others are going to get scewed/confused with their Employment Insurance. These aren't rich people like you Mr. Compensation. And although the many pennies you steal might not be that much to you, it means much more to them.

Anyway, I hope you're following the most recent reports (you remember asking me to keep you updated long ago?)... Royal Host admits they are INCOMPETENT!

We now have people showing up with their condo buying stories. It'll be even more interesting very soon. Still time to come clean with everything. Just whistle-blow on yourself, your brother, and Royal Host. Pretend that I'm a young Gomery with fangs! If it's all UFCW 's fault, let's hear it.

A breakdown on our severance first, admit the mistake and then we can move on from there. Or you continue to be a hardass waiting to see where this leads. Sort of the position your UFCW partners are in. They have lots of fun at their Monday morning meetings. I'm sure it can be just at fun at Royal Host!

Yours truly,

PS. I removed the CCs that didn't work last time. Just so it doesn't confuse you.

  • posted by siggy
  • Sun, Apr 17, 2005 9:18pm


Still time to come clean with everything. Just whistle-blow on yourself, your brother, and Royal Host.

I agree with Pot, Greg - it's possibly your only salvation. For anyone with a conscience it's the difference between sleeping and not sleeping.

Do the right thing Greg, it's not too late. Added incentive - do the right thing and MfD will give your repentance front page priority - deal?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Apr 18, 2005 7:14pm

Today's Potentate letter recipient... Jennifer Cryderman!!


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Hi Jennifer,

I'm following up your last email which advised me to look to look at that informative website for more info. Thank you for the tip. That info has now sent me back to you. I believe you LEGALLY owe my coworkers and I a full breakdown of how our severance pay figure was arrived at. This thread outlines the points from the ESA that should apply in our case.

When you send the figures, please use the legitimate numbers. The ones that you have provided to me personally through email thus far do not balance/equate with my severance pay out. As payroll manager did Greg Royer ever give you a written job description? Because in a legal trial you could pull it out and point to where it says "purposefully break the law on Royal Host's behalf". It might help your position.

Once again, please forward me the exact figures and dates used. Then we can move on to other laws. A little more complicated and we don't want to scare you too much.

Really, don't be afraid of me. I still think you're a sweetie. I'll even give you my number if you wanna chat offline. Privately. You can vent. We all know Greg is a bad boy. I feel for ya.

I did give her my number. I'm wet with anticipation of a call.

Edit: Just noticed I said 'to look' twice, but she actually did tell me to look in two emails! See we're so in tune with each other... except on those damn breakdown figures. I'm determined to work on that part of our long distance relationship.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 20, 2005 3:48pm

Hello to all pissed off employees and fans across the world. You're all invited to the bout of all time!


This Information Circular is furnished in connection with the solicitation of proxies by the trustees (the "Trustees") of Royal Host Real Estate Investment Trust ("Royal Host") for use at the Annual and Special Meeting (the "Meeting") of the holders ("Unitholders") of trust units ("Units") of Royal Host to be held on the 11th day of May, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. (Toronto time) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 205-B (Street Level), 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, and at any adjournment thereof, for the purposes set forth in the Notice of Annual and Special Meeting.

In homage to 80s Def Leppard, the event has been renamed to ARMAGEDDON IT


Take it, take it, take it from me
I got an itchy finger following me
Pull it, pull it, c'mon trigger the gun
'cos the best is yet to come
I say
('cos the best is yet to come)
Oh, are you gettin' it?
Oh, really gettin' it?
Yes, are you gettin' it?
Whooh, really gettin' it?
(oh) come get it from me

Greg... you too Randy, c'mon... the answer to each is armm - aa - geddonn - itt. Good boys.


  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 21, 2005 5:42pm

I was getting letter writing withdrawal.


Subject: i tried to be nice. i swear!
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005
CC:,,,,,, swadlan,,,,,,

Hey Greg. Just wanted to remind you of how I used to feel. Let's reminisce... in case you're not sure what the definition of 'honesty' is. Did you give me your biz card and email way back when, as a friendly concerned owner, or as a guy desperate to know 'who knows just what'? I gave you tons of play by play so that you can know what's coming at you. And you can't even get your staff to give me a breakdown of my severance. How tragic.

Personal email quotes from last year (mixed up though, sorry)...

-If you knew about this stuff, be worried. If you didn't, stay honest and I'll be waiting to start negotiations;-)

- Part 3. I'm going to do a separate forward of this to Greg Royer as well. He's currently in the good books even after the following exchange! But he should also be aware that he is on probation... the staff expects that he was honest in everything he said (hopefully he recalls it all), and that he'll continue be honest/fair from now on.

- One day CEO Greg will rent the movie Erin Brockovich and learn that people do 'things' for reasons others can't contemplate (on both sides of the issue).

-You might end up experiencing our 'dream world' for yourself! It's fun!

- As I do the rough transcription of the meeting, I'm more convinced that you at least (no comment on your brother) didn't know the full extent of this 'game'. So for now, I'm backing you. You're a lucky man- don't screw it up. Before I met you, my target was more Royal Host, which was the most poorly run, incompetent management company around. We'll see if you can change my opinion. I once had ryl.un shares and sold them in disgust.

-Someone has to do it... you guys can't even be depended on to put out a press release!

-I had a good feel about you. And the others that I speak to usually give my 'feels' the benefit of the doubt. That's why I'm sharing this info. You might have noticed that my 'sharing' with the other side is much more timed and less specific. It's because they know fully well what is going on. For them, a few public shocks at a time will do. In saying that, it doesn't mean that I won't stay 'on my toes' around you... we still have to see where this crazy situation leads.

-You should tour the place sometime. As soon as you disappear, Joe and Independance Way could as well... then come the real development ideas and plans.

-So your 'partners' are now aware that this information is out there and known about. You might see a lot more nervous behavior on their end. That would be the reason, if you guys haven't already made inquiries yourselves.

-**this was a colleague's quote that I forwarded to you**... Royer sounds like a decent guy. Maybe he never met Ron Kelly. It would have been his brother who did the deal with Chimo. tells me that he's heard that the other Royer is more of a wheeler-dealer. It would be kind of fitting if Royer - as the nice guy who finds himself in the middle of a cesspit - plays some part in blowing the lid off of this whole scam.

- By now, I'm assuming that you guys have been doing a lot more snooping... and that your interest in our Keele St. property has increased somewhat. Since I can't be in your boardroom meetings to know exactly what is going on, I have to rely on other sources to get nuggets of info. Analyzing/exposing those nuggets is pretty fun, so I really can't complain about not knowing every detail... actually I could complain, but I'll spare you;-)

-Just in case it came across that way, I never meant any sarcasm or disrespect by calling you Mr. Royer. 'Greg' just takes some getting used to!

- Honestly, by know you should have been pestering the city for info related to this location. They do after all have a Toronto Official Plan that must have looked at this area. Being surrounded by the huge Downsview Park and the huge Ministry of Transportation Lands (soon be developed), should make the city guys and gals very aware of the Travelodge.

-Mr. Royer, throw us a bone here... how about telling us what the point of this is? If it's to distance your company name from CCWIPP, great idea! Their many problems are snowballing and being connected can't be that great a thing...

-I'd like to offer a piece of advice to you, when it comes to business. It should be common knowledge but the corporate world seems to forget it many times. It's one that I reiterated to Jim today. Jim's a guy that has always shown the staff he understands and believes it. That's why he has our support. Basically... don't isolate yourself from the bottom level employees. If you depend solely on your management team, you get a very distorted picture of what is going on. I understand that a CEO is busy and has to rely on those directly below him, but hearing/facing those who have different views, goals and objectives will help immensely. For every picture that a manager paints, 10 other pictures or ideas can be found with little effort.

- Again, you're not currently a target. We believe you're honestly trying to get out of a mess. Hopefully Royal Host is now in a much better position that I think you were in a little while back. You did say that you'd return to the hotel one day and respond to all this. I just don't want it to look bad on me. My hunches haven't been too far off yet, but ya never know. Meetings and negotiations are always better when I'm correct;-)

- I'm sorry Mr. Royer. I actually forget that you have many properties that you deal with and probably don't get to personally deal with the actual player(s) behind the scenes. In my mind I naively pictured you and people like Mr. Kelly socializing and shaking hands over a hotel-sale, which I now am starting to reconsider. I'm sure there are many layers of lawyers and agents/intermediaries that take part in these transaction.

-It's just a way of looking at it, and I respect that you might see it from a completely different viewpoint.

Oh Greg, what happened to us?? The lawyers will want to know.

And tell Jennifer not to piss me off. Really, it ain't pretty. Don't take the nice lady down with you.

Oh dear...

does not like recipient.

I've been rejected by Sue. I guess the others still like the office gossip.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Fri, Apr 22, 2005 11:11pm

So the Potentate was out tonight haunting one of his regular haunts. The place is always a crammed sausage-fest, but he definitely don't mind. The black lighting, the evil tunes, and Satan's angels circulating and on stage make it all worthwhile.

Tonight was a little different though...

Everytime the Potentate saw a pair of fake boobs he thought about Greg and Randy Royer! Which is ok, because the Potentate HATES FAKE FUCKING BOOBS!! Although if you boys offered lap dances I might not be able to resist.

Story over. Back to business. Tonight we looked up that mystery man, that wild card, known as George Armoyan. He owns 1/5 of the company. For what reason? Who knows. We're still wondering about the need for obviously fake boobs.

George is now officially in The Game! Yes, as it has already been declared over, this might seem a little unfair... but it's our damn rules and he's just gonna have to play along.


Subject: It's from the old Travelodge hotel. Re: Royal Host.
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005

Hi George,

We've never met, but your employee Neil D'Souza has met me. Hope he didn't paint too bad a picture I'm very sure that you're aware of what we've been writing at MFD in relation to Royal Host. But I want to get it on record that I have contacted you.

If you've been getting snowballed about what is going on and aren't up to full speed yet, the last 10-15 posts on this thread George Armoyan should know this shit might help.

Thank you for your time. And since Greg Royer is missing in action, maybe you'll step up. Good luck. It's ugly out there.

And Sue, I apologize for the last one. That 'd' somehow went AWOL. You're back in the panic loop. Enjoy. Any feedback is appreciated. Even it's like a memo saying that feedback is a no-no. Do those exist?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Apr 23, 2005 12:37pm

Hey Greg, how many points have you and your staff lost while reading email and MFD???

'Infomania' worse than marijuana (BBC)

You're costing your staff brain cells needlessly. They could smoke a fat spliff with the old Travelodge crew and be much better off!

PS. I felt so concerned about your staff that I didn't email this last post. How long can I keep bending over backwards for them? You've gotta bend over too... I mean like in helping them out. Show them you care. Just cum clean about the Royer brother's past relationships.

  • posted by press
  • Fri, May 6, 2005 11:01am

We've just received confirmation that the shop steward who was stiffed royally (got zero instead of thousands) by Royal Host did receive a check from the company. We can now call that the second admitted error. Only a few hundred more to go.

Forum member 'The Pitbull' also received his check after repeated complaints and bashing of his head against a wall.

Now this is just more proof of fraud. Or a payoff to shut up a few people? If so, it's not working. I wonder what Royal Host shareholders would think of this stuff?

The checks are coming out of the Royal Host Investment Trust and come with no breakdown or explanation. In the case of The Pitbull, there was a label of GRATUITIES. What kind of crap is that? It wasn't gratuities... and is it that easy to leak money out of this fund? Can we all get some of that slush? Does Revenue Canada know about these kind of payoffs? I mean you might as well put Pay to the order of UFCW... (blank amount) ... sign it Royal Host and then put a memo as rub and tug. Same dif.

We won't even get into the Record of Employment shit. Well... just a bit.... The last day worked for everyone is labelled as April 5th, when it is supposed to be the last physical day on the job. The in lieu pay is supposed to be sectioned off as is the severance. Others have their first day/last ROE received date wrong and some have the hours/earnings figures all screwed up. The Employment Insurance people think Royal Host is a farce too. Everyone is joining in!

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