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  • published Tue, Sep 13, 2005


Huge news and info in the Mondo Condo saga. A must read for all fans...

The taxpayers will be on the hook for at least $1M... The road that we all knew they needed is now mapped out and presented... Condo buyers will have to literally cross the street... The poor townhome people will live in the smallest area I have ever seen... I've never seen so many homes that 'squished' together (you'd understand if you saw it in person)... One picture will show you the whole swath of land that the CCWIPP boys just coudn't get their hands on.

This file is a one-stop info shop on the area.


***In 1990***, the former City of North York passed By-law 31261, which adopted Official Plan
Amendment (OPA) 318. Policy 9.39.0 of OPA 318 states that 'In the event that development
proposals are received for lands shown on Map C.9.39, Council will seek to obtain an access to
Wilson Avenue from the Canadian Tire site at 2701 Keele Street, and a consolidation of the
driveways providing access to Keele Street from the sites at 2701 and 2737 Keele Street. Where
feasible, the consolidated driveways and new access to Wilson Avenue should be constructed as
one road.' Map C.9.39 is shown in the attached Figure No. 1.

Ya think the boys knew in advance? FOR ABOUT 15 FUCKING YEARS!! Hey... when did Ron Kelly (dirt cheap prime land for our nice priest) come in again?... and stay in... just can't bear to part with the other 50%... and Royal Host? Nah, those fucks knew nothing.


Next Steps
If the City of Toronto endorses the recommendations of this report, a Notice of Study
Completion will be issued indicating that the Project File will be filed in the public record for a
minimum 30-day review period according to the requirements of the Class EA process. During
this period, affected agencies, members of the public or interest groups who have concerns with
the proposed project, which cannot be resolved with City staff, may write to the Minister of the
Environment to request a Part II Order. If a Part II Order is granted, then the project cannot
proceed until an Individual Environmental Assessment is prepared by the proponent and
approved by the Minister. If a Part II Order is not granted, or if no objections are submitted
during the 30-day filing period, the project is approved under the Environmental Assessment Act
and may proceed to construction.

Maybe the Toronto Star will do a Part II... or ask for a Part II?

Are you City jackasses having fun yet? Can MFD vote on the name for the new road(s)? We'll take suggestions and email them to Maria Augimeri. She'll appreciate them.

  • posted by siggy
  • Tue, Sep 13, 2005 6:36am

I think the road should be named after joe. joe boulevard, joe_I road, I don't know no cliff evans avenue. where do you get this shit from street.

Joe took it in the ass for this project and should come out of it with his name on something besides the internet.

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Tue, Sep 13, 2005 7:04am

The next "must have" Toronto address for biz unionists:

1 Joe (He Doan Know Cliff Evans) Blvd. located in the heart of the Cliff Evans Doan Live Here Cuz This Ain't Bimini District.

  • posted by weiser
  • Tue, Sep 13, 2005 8:01am

Hey, a jabrone... That'sa whats da tunnel is fo. Dey go ina da tunnel, get da clothes a rearange and get da wallet a gone and then ba-da-bing--dey crawl to da car. At night, da sem ting a happen on a way home.

It'sa good--no?

  • posted by press
  • Tue, Sep 13, 2005 6:33pm

Interesting observations that readers and newspaper reporters should note:

-once again Westmount (or Dacapa) is not mentioned. Try to find a City document over the last few years with Westmount Condominiums talked about. LET ME SPARE YOU... NONE EXIST!! As of August 31st, 2005 they are still referring to the building as 'Travelodge'.

I guess $28M in mortgage money buys something.

Hey Maria... isn't former budget boy Jackobek getting roasted these days for taking bribes on City contracts? Maybe you can shed some light on how things work at City Hall. I'm not insinuating. Insinuation isn't blatant enough in certain cases. We'll put your face on the front page explaining how things work. I trust there's a simple explanation.

-next point... Mondo Condo students should study the final road map in the latest report that shows how original road plans had to be scrapped because of the garage. If you saw the Independence Way drawings awhile back, you'd see that the land held for a roadway was on the extreme north-east side (southern back of the garage). Don't bother looking for the attachments in City documents that show the original design... LET ME SPARE YOU... NONE EXIST!! They've been pulled.

-continuing... they now propose lights and new plans connecting to Downsview Plaza. The problem is that they had just recently filled in a Wilson left turn roadway to make a bigger Downsview Memorial Parkette. Note to students: go back to your map and you'll see the remnant lines of the left-turn roadway (just above the printed parkette name). Now this little artsy 'escape' will be grass and streetlights.

-more map study. 1055 Keele loses half it's land to the road. That costs moolah. So...


The estimated engineering and construction costs of the proposed new road are $1.0 million. Negotiations for the property required for the new road are being or will be undertaken through the redevelopment process. Property costs, if any, will be determined through these negotiations.

... it's safe to say that it will cost WAY more than $1M. Torontonians will love that.

-more laughs (sorry to the home buyers)... I will go out on a limb and say that there is no housing development in this city as cramped as the Independence Way site. But how would you feel if you were the poor shleps facing the garage. Check out your backyard and view.

Remember... your home is 'gated' and 'private' And even funnier is that some of these homes were sold using the advertisement get a free car with your purchase (seriously).

It really is interesting what happens when two 'front' projects are created and then forced to be carried through to fruition and implosion.

  • posted by siggy
  • Wed, Sep 14, 2005 9:13am

A quick google for *Westmount Condominium*. In first place and out of the first 10 search results.


Mondo Condo Makeover P.04 - Deconstruction
The Triumph Hotel will become the Westmount Condominiums, with up to 247 suites. ... Because it is a conversion project, Westmount Condominiums will not be ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

Another quick google for *dacapa*. Number 9 out of first 10 search results:


Mondo Condo Makeover a Looming Nightmare for UFCW
He now runs a construction company called Dacapa Construction and intends to
convert the hotel into 247 condo units ranging in price from $98000 to $440000. ... - 34k - Cached - Similar pages

Travelodge it is!

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Wed, Sep 14, 2005 9:48am

I took a spin yesterday past what is sure to be known as the bizarre development and I have to say: What combination of idiots approved this exercise in bad urban planning?

The townhouse development looks like a rabbit warren. Press is right, you couldn't pack 'em in any tighter. The northern row of townhouses is spitting distance from the south wall of the Mondo Condo parking garage. Wow, that's going to be pleasant - looking out of your townhouse window and right into level 2 of the world ugliest freestanding parkade.

And talk about "gated"! Imagine having a gas station right in front of the gates of your gated townhouse community. Of course, there's another gas station a few meters up the street in front of the Mondo Condo - good thing too because the condo owners as well as passing motorists will need to fill up frequently with all the gas they'll be burning as they sit idling in the incredible traffic chaos these projects will create. (Actually, the traffic through there is already pretty awful. Took me about 20 mins to go from the 401 ramp to Wilson Ave. and that was in the middle of the day.

I think the developers should pay for the cost of the new street. Or maybe we can take it out of the City Councillors hides. Putting a development of this density (not to mention unsightliness) in this location is urban planning at its worst. I have to wonder how many palms got greased.

Time to raise a stink and you're totally right press, the timing couldn't be any better. With the Judge's verdict finally out on the
computer leasing scandal there's no better time to out some more corrupt municipal officials.

  • posted by press
  • Wed, Sep 14, 2005 2:01pm


posted by remote viewer:
The townhouse development looks like a rabbit warren.

When Independence Way started pronoting their units, I went for a look with a friend (one of my regular customer at the bar) who happened to be a longtime electrical engineer of large buildings. This guy was always ripping into the hotel (for many obvious reasons and it always gave the hotel staff a laugh). He thought a conversion was even stupider and impossible. One day we went over to the Canadian Tire which was serving as the Independence showroom at that point.

It was a quick enter and exit because the guys there acted like quick buck artists and quick calculations by the engineering guy said that the cost/square-footage was way out of whack for a home in this part of Toronto. Basically, you'd be an idiot to buy one of these. Those rabbit-warren houses cost the buyers regular-house-with-a-front-and-back-yard prices.

Now this is going to sound bad, but before I say it, I'll include myself and friends in it because we all discussed buying one at some point. As 'first-time home-buyers' (I rent) none of us was/is an expert on this stuff and we're usually prone to stupid spending.

Anyway, I'm sure that most of the home-buyers (and any condo buyers) are naive immigrants who basically got fast-talked and swindled (remember mommy2one's story?). If you saw Westmount's 'mortgage' setup you'd understand the swindle is on every level. And if you reside near the famous Jane/Finch area of Toronto, you couldn't miss the sandwich boards advertising the properties. Who else would go for an offer of 'get an unspecified free car with your purchase', but those that don't have one and can't afford it?

Just like the hotels (I'll single out Royal Host and UFCW) they took advantage of those least likely to cause a headache.

I think in the grand scheme, these fronts needed 'money on the books' to show or get funding for whatever real plans they had. It's interesting that the value of the Independence Way construction project (stated at just over $28M) balances with Joe's mortgage money received. Coincidence?

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