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  • published Sun, Feb 20, 2005

Mondo Condo: The Game!

Hello Players!

Welcome to the newly released Mondo Condo: The Game! This game is brought to you by the staff of the famous Mondo Condo Travelodge at Keele/401. It is being introduced online first. Negotiations for a home 'board-game' version are underway.

'Mondo Condo: The Game!' was created in response to a shitload of people that seemed to really enjoy playing games with the hotel staff, but usually chose boring ones, and always played them by their own rules. After today, that's all been changed!

First, let's introduce the players. On the 'Crapping Our Pants' side we have...

-Greg Royer, representing the Royal Host Knobs!!

-Cliff Evans, representing the UFCW/CCWIPP Dolts!!

-Joe Ieradi, representing the Westmount Jokes!!

-Ralph Ortlieb, representing the newcomer SEIU Good Plan Boys!!

-A Pail of Chunky Vomit, representing the All Other Jackasses Involved!!

And on the 'You Fucks Look Good In Those Pants' side we have...

-The ISDU Potentate and the Mondo Condo Travelodge Employees!!

Now here is the simple game. Really, aren't you excited??!!!

After the successful ISDU convention, Travelodge employees were left with about 4000 shit-disturbing ideas, many of which are currently being 'tested'. But one idea has stuck out. And although it will cost a bit of money, the employees think it's a much more evil, sadistic, and attention grabbing than all the others...

We will be taking out an AD or ADS in one, OR ALL, of the MAJOR DAILY newspapers in Toronto. Full page or smaller (not decided yet). Maybe a huge page Toronto Star ad, or a smaller one run for a week somewhere else.

This idea came about due to a successful leafleting campaign which reached an amount of people in the triple digits. That number seemed a tad low, so we've come up with this.

Over the next few days, we will be releasing lines of text that we decide should be included. Like... "The UFCW claims to represent the (Travelodge) workers". If the 'Crapping Our Pants' side is confused... those brackets just mean we won't include the word if it was previously mentioned.

MfD game-watchers are allowed to contribute lines of text and comment on all posted lines.

Isn't this a cool game?? All the 'Crapping Our Pants' side has to do is...

a) read the text
b) crap a little more... squeeze guys
c) make the staff suddenly love you and not want to go through with the 'board-game' version.

But let us warn you... you're so fucked that jizz is coming out of your ears.

Good luck, and clean yourselves up. It's nasty looking!

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  • Sun, Feb 20, 2005 10:00pm

Game update!

Hey guys, did we tell you that the Mondo Condo Travelodge team has brought in a bunch of ringers? We're packing our team with professionals! And we can, because we're playing with our rules.

Due to some kharmic coincidence the hotel's last big event is the Police Forensic Identification Conference.

Well somehow the 42 rooms booked by conference attendees are known to the staff. And somehow 21 of those rooms have received a WELCOME PACKAGE from the Travelodge Staff. The welcome package includes...

-a copy of this hotel closure blurb... Checkout Time

-a written note under the blurb saying "Jim the staff would appreciate you telling them about your media interviews. Tell Greg Royer he is up to his neck in this land scam and owes the workers an explanation and $$$.

-a copy of Mondo Condo Makeover Part 7: Who Jacked Your Jobs?

-a copy of the Mondo Condo: The Game! introduction by ISDU Potentate.

Hopefully those that did not receive a welcome package will not get too jealous. Our team figures that they'll be up to speed soon. They are of course spending the next 4 days in the hotel and will be able to talk to staff and each other, and MAYBE EVEN VISIT JOE!!

Oops this conference might just have its first group crime solving challenge.

Do you love our game yet assholes??

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  • Sun, Feb 20, 2005 10:16pm

ISDU Potentate - you have unreal writing skills - so expressive. I love reading your work. Ever thought about being a professional writer?

The "events" at Mondo Condo will make a great human-interest story. Union reformers everywhere are sure to be inspired.

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  • Sun, Feb 20, 2005 11:00pm


posted by Freedom of Expression:
ISDU Potentate - you have unreal writing skills - so expressive. I love reading your work. Ever thought about being a professional writer?

The "events" at Mondo Condo will make a great human-interest story. Union reformers everywhere are sure to be inspired.

Thanks Freedom! I couldn't find a blushing graemlin to show you that I was blushing. Unfortunate, because IT WAS A REALLY DAMN CUTE THING TO SEE!

I was bugged at work today to go work for a 'real' newspaper and stop with this poor-man's home delivery photocopy stuff. I felt that was kind of knock against MfD. I find the other stuff boring, but here I can push the envelope and 'practice' without an editor over me. I could kiss Siggy and sleK's asses for that, but I won't.

Books, screenplays etc. They'll flow from this, in time. For now, we'll just enjoy playing.


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  • Mon, Feb 21, 2005 6:33am

The Forensic Factor: The Invisible Clues

This just can't be one of those flukely coincidences. It just can't be! The great democratic force of the universe is with you Potentate!

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  • Mon, Feb 21, 2005 6:14pm

Rumour has it that General Jimbo Kerstens isn't too happy. Supposedly a top cop came down asking "Who's Greg Royer?". Not sure why he'd do that. The General thinks all rooms were papered, which is a giant slap in the face of his troops. Identifying specific targets shows much more ingenuity and teamwork.

Never underestimate the soldiers sir.

As for the question of who Greg Hand-Cuff Royer is, hopefully the General had some answer for our friendly copper. Because a simple question like 'what 12 week period counts toward the severance' still can't be answered (by Royal Host or the union). It's only been a 3-4 year long planned hotel closure. The ESA hasn't changed its rules since 2000. Yet, we still don't have an answer for the staff. I hear Stephen Hawking is stumped too.

As for the meaty part of our game, we haven't given out many 'lines' for our ad yet. Because... well we can do as we please.

You guys can go circle jerk with Ron Kelly in the meantime.

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  • Thu, Feb 24, 2005 12:55am

War is such an ugly thing!

But they say 'ugly' is in the eye of the beholder and well, the Potentate gets off on UGLY.

To update you assholes at Royal Host and the UFCW, the Potentate has been pretty busy planning Armageddon, organizing and forging alliances with groups such as...


socialist alternative (website down at moment)

Met workers

You know what is really interesting when you talk to these groups? They all think that the UFCW is the biggest pile of shit out there. And that's BEFORE the Potentate comes in there and tells them exactly how big the biggest pile of shit is. After they come out of their shock... well, did I already tell you that you guys are seriously fucked?

Now what'll it be... the hotel spotlighted or the union spotlighted? Do we go to the useless local or do we bug Mr. Mike 'I got no tongue or balls' Fraser. Hey Mikey, are you ready to face the heavy-metal-rock-smash-your-face-in music of the ISDU?? The ISDU plays good tunes. Have you heard the tribute to your uncle... Thank you for holding my cock? We also make great guerilla video. Put your tranny make-up on, buy a nice dress and tell your fat-ass staff to do a little bit of working out before we come taping.

Going back to the front lines...

The General threw a hissy-fit earier this week over the continued flow of propaganda throughout the unit, and more importantly, the shit that got into police occupied rooms.

Now General Kerstens is in a really bad spot. He's gotta kiss Royal Host ass, hoping to keep himself employed with that waste of a company. He knows he's on the losing team and that the longer this goes on, the more his reputation among staff suffers. The General prides himself on being a caring boss, so it must really be eating at him that he has to act like an ass on behalf of Royal Host. In particular, General Kerstens refers to the well researched Mondo Condo reports as 'speculation' which should be ignored. He's also claiming not to know of any pension plan involvement (he's holding to Chimo ownership). This makes the Potentate damn sad because the General was at the meeting when Greg Royer spoke of the pension plan's involvement. Jim, you're too young to be a senile jackass. The soldiers are laughing at you behind your back.

The General, now acting all paranoid, has stripped the front desk and reservation soldiers from having internet access. Next up is an old-fashioned book burning in the lobby.

As for the Potentate, he was ridiculously being followed by military police when he was on shift. Now he's been stripped of all shifts in retaliation to not coming in on a busy day. The nazi joke-of-a-chef manager (who'll get his own close-up soon) is not a fan of the Potentate. And since the feeling is mutual, no favours are exchanged. The nazi and the General now feel that paying the Potentate (who will win the grievance) to stay away from the front lines is beneficial. Aside from being more irritated and loving it, the Potentate sends them a thankful fuck you too.

Back into battle. See y'all in hell.

Side note to MfD and members: You're getting really good reviews from new readers that the Potentate speaks with. Some of their sites will be putting up links to MfD, as they find a lot of the information very useful. Keep up the good work and keep talking.

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  • Thu, Feb 24, 2005 5:50am


Met workers

You met the Met gang? They are my heroes.


The General prides himself on being a caring boss, so it must really be eating at him that he has to act like an ass on behalf of Royal Host.

That is a tough spot Pot - the perverbial(?) rock and a hard place eh.

Does the general know it's not an actual rock - that it's merely a shell - it could make his choice easier. Whatever - the general is a big boy now. Keep us updated.

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  • Fri, Feb 25, 2005 1:36am


posted by siggy:
You met the Met gang? They are my heroes.

Cool people. Their stories actually shocked the Potentate! Didn't think it was possible after dealing with the UFCW. Apparently HERE Local 75 is missing in action, just like our boys are. Paul Clifford and Mike Fraser have got to stop playing 'glory hole' so often.

One of the reasons I've heard that Local 75 does shit for their workers is that they have no cash. Funny, neither does the UFCW... because it's all in their personal off-shore accounts. They're fucking thiefs (in the Potentate's always correct opinion).


The date of the hotel's closure has been moved up to Monday, March 7th. The original date was April 5th. This is Royal Host's way of further screwing the workers and trying to help out their bed-buddy Joe Ieradi, in everyway possible.

Royal Host, UFCW and friends... your end has already come. You're just too god-damn stupid to notice.

The ISDU will help you. We keep our promises.

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Fri, Feb 25, 2005 11:31am

I think the boys are quite frightened. I mean why would you close the doors a month ahead of schedule and run the risk of having nothing but an abandoned building on your hands if the deal doesn't close?

Oh well, if 2737 Keele isn't accessible for a good ol' occupation, 61 International Blvd. will be so maybe the Royers and their pal Joe have just decided who's going to take the worst of the forthcoming insurgency. Poor Mike. He always ends up with the dirtiest jobs.

Paulie Clifford - we might as well add him to the game too.

He was supposed to be the kinder, gentler, more people-oriented face of HERE International in Canada.

He was parachuted in to trustee Local 75 back in 1993 when its previous president, the notorious Jean Guy Belanger and his motley crew ran off to work covertly for Uncle Cliff and Canadian UFCW honcho Tom Kukovica.

That these guys would have anything to do with Belanger is an indication of what a bunch of spineless morons they were/are. The guy was so corrupt that even labour movement types were openly criticizing him.

With his UFCW backers, Jean Guy cooked up a plot whereby he was going to set up an independent union and raid all of HERE's Toronto hotels - and then merge with you-know-who (the UFCW just in case it wasn't clear).

For a time the mobster-esque Belanger was holed up in the UFCW national office but when his organizing drive went down the toilet (part of the problem was that he was so despised among hotel workers in the city that nobody would give him the time of day) Cliff and Tom had to offload him.

He turned up in Montreal (his home town) working in - of all places - a supermarket. But the day job wasn't enough to keep him happy and he ended up suing the UFCW for breach of whatever promises they made to him.

It would be fun to look him up and see if he wants to play our game. I hear he's still got a big axe to grind with Uncle Cliff.

Anyway, while the former Local 75 crew was busy fondling the boys at UFCW Canada, Paul Clifford was busy trying to boot the UFCW out of the Keele Street hotel when it reopened in 1992. He was successful too and won a successor's rights application. But a year later the UFCW was back trying to get certified. Clfford beat them again, based on an argument that as owners of the hotel, the UFCW should not be certified to represent the workers). But a couple of years after that, his sorry ass was by Tommy Corrigan and the Textile Processors - who then merged his union with the UFCW.

All the while these idiots pretended they were brothers in arms, marching in the ritual parade and shmoozing at all those great labour movement functions (you see why nobody takes 'em seriously right?)

Anyway, Paul took his lumps and moved on. For a number of years in the 1990's he tried to market himself as the great grassroots Jesus of HERE but I guess the veneer's worn a bit thin. He seems to be doing a lot of what his predecessor did (minus the gambling and crook shmoozing maybe).

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  • Sun, Feb 27, 2005 5:52pm

Oh there's some good shit comin' down.

The Keele Street nest was father Ronnie's first penetration into the wet and wild world of union pension funds. The fine folks at the FSCO and the CCWIPP boys should be in for a big surprise in a few days. The Keele Street hotel will become even more of a focal point for many people.

Every bank, real estate and other transaction will be closely scrutinized. Every one from the day the first shovel hit the dirt to excavate for its foundations.

In an article by Mr. Mike Edwards in the December, 1992 issue of 'Our Times', profiling Tom Kukovica, the guy who kept the Canadain Director's seat warm for Cliff's nephew, thin boy. An excerpt at pages 24 and 25 states as follows:


Besides putting money directly back into the pockets of the Membership, the joint trusteeship of pension plans between the UFCW and its various employers has permitted the Union to control the investment destiny of millions of dollars. 'With the pension funds we've been mainly concentrating in real estate, such as affordable housing projects' says Kukovica. This month the UFCW, with an equity stake of over 50 per cent, helped to reopen the Triumph Hotel in suburban Toronto, 'It was in receivership. Now the hotel will be unionized, so we've created (union) jobs at the same time.'

I wonder if Tom really believed that shit when he said it?

What's even more steeeeerange is that the Kukman mentions a 50% equity stake. That means that the CCWIPP has owned half of the pile of concrete since the beginning. They lent Ronboy twice what he paid for it and only got to own half.

That's what you get when employers like Loblaw and Safeway permit "the Union to control the investment destiny of millions of dollars."

The Travelodge employees aren't the first to get dumped by the CCWIPP. It was only last July that it closed South Ocean for 15 months. That was the final blow after less than a year earlier


Forty-seven employees had been confirmed terminated as a result of the "right-sizing" exercise, which started last Thursday.

South Ocean officials have not disclosed as yet exactly how many more workers will be affected by the layoffs.

They eventually canned everyone in their "right-sizing exercise!

  • posted by Richard
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 7:38am


They eventually canned everyone in their "right-sizing exercise!

It's really sad the way workers have been treated in a lot of the CCWIPP investments. MGI Packers were screwed, South Ocean workers were screwed, the Triumph (Travelodge) workers have been getting screwed by the plan for over a decade.

Yes the plan has pumped loads of money into the toilet where slimy sewer creatures fill their pockets, but the process has really screwed workers who work in the so-called investments and the workers who won't get what they "bargained" for come retirement.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 10:25am


posted by Richard:
[QUOTE]the Triumph (Travelodge) workers have been getting screwed by the plan for over a decade.

Yes the plan has pumped loads of money into the toilet where slimy sewer creatures fill their pockets, but the process has really screwed workers who work in the so-called investments and the workers who won't get what they "bargained" for come retirement.

You cannot imagine the inner rage that the Potentate feels when he thinks about this. The seething energy has to be channeled somewhere. Royal Host/UFCW... YOU'RE GONNA PAY FUCKERS!!

-Knowing that you're working in a toilet... is not fun.

-Knowing there are slimy sewer creatures all around using you as their 'nice face' and taking advantage of your work... is not fun.

-Knowing that you signed a 'good' contract meant to shut you up until your job disappears... is not fun.

-Knowing that the UFCW raised your union dues right after that contract was signed in order to get as much as possible out of you before you lose your job... is not fun.

-Knowing that your union rep's very public gloating about what a great contract this hotel got would be the only time anyone has ever heard him speak... is not fun.

-Knowing that Royal Host, in particular Greg Royer, can come lie to his employees and be so obviously involved in all the crap going on, and not be in jail... yet... is not fun.

-Knowing that such a blatant rip-off of the condo and home buying public is occuring at that intersection while those people probably don't have a clue... is not fun.

-Knowing that employees have lost countless hours of work (now their jobs) while having had to put up with awful working conditions since the scam started... is not fun..

Knowing that you're getting a non-existent severance package along with a non-existent pension as thanks for your participation in the Crime Hotel... is not fun.

So after all that, what possible fun could we have?

-Knowing that YOU'RE GONNA PAY FUCKERS!! and we're gonna help... That's fun.

  • posted by Freedom of Expression
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 11:10am

ISDU Potentate: You are an inspiration to all of us You have an awesome spirit!

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 12:26pm

I've got a bucket next to me to vomit in as I read this thing through. This is the news release from Royal Host announcing the sale a few days ago. Funny how the staff didn't get copies...


Calgary, Alberta February 24, 2005 - Royal Host, a diversified hotel Real Estate Investment Trust, today announced that it has sold its 50% interest in the Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre – Toronto to a residential condominium development group for $10.8 million. Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay down a $5.5 million mortgage and for general corporate working
capital purposes. The transaction will have no material affect on Royal Host's earnings or asset value.

The purchaser of Royal Host's interest in the 361-room property, located on Keele Street in North York, plans to reopen the property as the new 247-unit Westmount Condominium project that will also include approximately 38,000 sq.ft. of retail space. The conversion of the property, which involves closing the hotel and completing major interior and exterior renovations over the next six to eight months, will commence immediately. Approximately 85% of the condominium units have already been sold.

'This innovative arrangement will allow us to fully realize on the asset value of the property and utilize the funds to reinvest in newer hotels that fit into our core business and our growth strategy,' said Greg Royer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Host. 'Randy Royer has been diligent in his efforts to see this transaction through from his conceptual idea two years ago to the now final phase of this creative solution. We would like to thank Randy for his determination and creativity; it has assisted Royal Host financially and will also rejuvenate a terrific asset,' continued Royer.

'Royal Host would also like to thank our General Manager, Jim Kerstens, and his exceptional team for their resilience and dedication throughout this process, which have been crucial to the conversion strategy. Many of the staff at this hotel have been there for several years, and their professionalism in the face of considerable change has been remarkable,' concluded Royer.

...original release

For more information please contact:
Greg Royer, President & Chief Executive Officer
Royal Host REIT
Telephone: (403) 259-9800
Fax: (403) 259-8580

They got $10.5M for half the shit-pile?? God damn that is quite the feat! Hey Royer, where is the cut you promised the Potentate? You wouldn't be playing any numbers game on this one huh? Rich man Joe cut you a full check?

$10.5 from one side means $10.5 from the other, right? CCWIPP is getting $10.5M!! Or are they paying themselves? Playing themselves? Playing with themselves? They're doing something.

Now we got our lovable loser Joe Ieradi paying $21M for a hotel worth fuck all. That comes out to about $82,000/condo. Sounds like a good cost when your selling at the 'lowest prices in the city'. Renovations should be about 5 dollars and those freebies that they advertised worth thousands really cost nothing.

Yup, Joe's business plan is a good one according to ISDU auditors. Keep going buddy!

Oh and Greg... was that 'thanks for the professionalism' meant for someone else or can the Potentate be included? Either way... fuck you. ISDU kharma is coming for you.

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 12:47pm

Hmmmm....let's see now. If whoever is backing Joe loaned him $10.5 mil to buy out Royal Host and another $10.5 mil to buy out CCWIPP that would be $21 mil just to buy a building that's worth maybe half of that. What kind of dummies would do a thing like that d'ya think?

Then there would be the costs associated with the big renovation itself so that would require another few mil. How is anyone going to make a profit on this place?

I'll bet whoever's backing Joe, loaned him $10 mil to buy out the Royal Host guys, sold him their interest for $2.00 (if they sold it at all) and is probably loaning him a few more mil for the construction project.

That's what I'm betting on. We'll find out.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 12:55pm

Well, simpleton Mr. Greg Royer doesn't think the Potentate ever looks at his company's financials.


In addition, during the quarter the Trust continued to negotiate the potential sales of the four hotels it had previously designated as property held for sale. The total sale value of these assets is estimated to be $8.5 million. One of the transactions requires mortgage lender approval and the second transaction is conditional on a rezoning application. Royal Host expects to conclude transactions on these properties in the next twelve months.

Four hotels are segregated on the books (that way their crummy financials don't tarnish the rest). Buddy boy Royer figures that $8.5 should cover them. Then he goes out and makes $10.5 on half a hotel. Businessman of the century!

Greg, your March 14th year end financials better do a good cover-up job on this shit. Did you find a good enough CFO replacement in time?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 2:29pm

Just got off the phone with the General. Still seems like a nice guy. Didn't do much sidestepping.

-Turns out the hotel is not fully closed until April 5th. All banquets and Food/Beverage outlets will be closed next weekend. The hotel will run a skeleton crew for basically the CN Rail workers. They have a contract with the hotel and must be taken care of until alternate accomodation can be found.

-The UFCW local has requested and been given a meeting room for next Friday morning (9AM). The Potentate believes this is just some bullshit intended to interrupt his sleep schedule.

-The union allowed one of the shop-stewards to meet with their own ball-licking lawyer, who 'advised' that the workers have no legal standing when it comes to severence. What the lawyer should have 'advised' was that her union rep clients come into the Travelodge, drop their pants and take a massive shit in the lobby. Then they could ask... what's that stink? The only downside is that it might turn Royer on.

-The severence is calculated from the 12 weeks before Feb. 8. This will also apply to the last month that is to be lost by most. All those employees that have been trying to do as many hours as possible in the past few weeks, are now fished on both sides.

-There are some practical jokes and 'damage' happening in the hotel, with the Potentate being fingered (the less fun 'fingered'). The Potentates name is appearing on some of the stuff, and he is being 'seen' in others. Ah well, I'm the Finnamore of the hotel. I told the General that I don't mind the heat, but it's torture not to know what was done in my name!

-There is a 'we're all going away' party next Saturday at the hotel. Wonder how much more shit will hit the fan by then?

  • posted by weiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 3:05pm

What's really interesting is that they buggers would tell anyone that the renos would be done in eight months. It's going to take months just to get the permits--if they can get them at all.

Have you ever wondered where Joe got $10.5 million cash to buy da joint? Never mind the Chimo payout.

Randy must have done a real good job putting the deal together over the past two years. What the fuck was he doing involved in helping Joe put together a plan?

Think about it. If there was big bucks to be made from the conversion, wouldn't Royal Host be first in line to rake in the profits? That's the type of shit they are into in Kelowna BC.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Feb 28, 2005 4:56pm

The Potentate has been very sad this past little while because Greg Royer from Royal Host no longer wants to play with him or the Travelodge staff. He's not returning emails and doesn't seem to want to visit us to say goodbye.

So we've been reminiscing and got all teary eyed reading the transcripts of last summer's meeting with Greg (July 6th). It was taped and transcribed for the entertainment of a few. Now, the ISDU feels that a public record of it should exist. In memory of the Mondo Condo. The following are exact quotations from the meeting and play by play commentary.


-Royer introduced by GM. He looks like a CEO, snappy dresser (unlike Joe in his one ugly grey suit- that guy is hilarious)
-Royer refers to meeting that just ended by saying that the number one issue was 'you'- that our managers were very concerned for us **at this point staff is already thinking bullshitter
-mentions "over the next year" sort of implying we have about a year left
-wishes to answer all the questions to the best of his abilities but unfortunately he does not have all the answers that might be sought... blah, blah, blah
-"Let me talk about what Joe Ieradi is trying to do. Mr. Ieradi is trying to, um, convert the hotel to a condo, um, facility"
-the original plan was to have a hotel-condo, something RH has been involved in over the years
-how a hotel-condo works is explained
-this 'deal' and negotiation predates Royer (distancing himself from that original negotiations)
-in/during negotiation, as happens, the market changed
-Ieradi changed plan to "we'll sell it as a 50% condo-residence hotel and a 50% condo-hotel"
-"all the contracts and all the agreements specifically deal with that concept"
-"as Joe Ieradi was in the sales process, what he found was that he had a lot of residence buyers and very, very few investment buyers"
-so at this point in time it looks as it will probably be a residence and not a hotel
-"I have to emphasize that we are maybe 50% of the way down a very long path"
-"it's not like selling your house"
-"Mr. Ieradi, bless his soul and his optimism, likes to picture this as a very quick boom, boom, boom, Saturday night, here's your money, here run everybody... it's not the way it works"
-"There are millions of dollars that have to be borrowed, there are requirements of the city that have to be fulfilled. Now we don't have to rezone the building. That's not a requirement. But we do have to deal with the city in getting permits, etc."
-can't give us a play by play
-"at this point in time we continue to operate the hotel as a hotel"
-various hotel contracts listed
-"we are moving down the path towards that change" (the eventual condo conversion)
-"I'm sure if Mr. Ieradi had all the stars alligned, it would happen at the speed of light that he would like it to think it could happen"
-from the beginning in the original contract/negotiation was the treatment of the staff.
-"You will receive notice a minimum of 30 days"
-"will receive severence, and notice will not serve as part of your severence"
-don't take this as 100% (the closure etc) because we still have a long path to go down and blah, blah, blah
-"as Joe reaches success points, we will let you know"
-ok ask questions, anything
-question is along the lines of how long Ieradi has, extension etc.
-"247 units in total to he wants to sell"
-"when we first did the deal, the idea was that he was going to do half, but one tower, not the other tower. And because of the mechanical issues at the hotel, that really doesn't work. Because our mechanical system here is just not suitable for a condo complex so at some point in time in the conversion you have the shut the whole hotel down for a period of time to convert. So the idea now is you have to sell the whole thing."
-because of this, the number that Joe had to sell has increased and we had to give him more time/extension
-"what I'll tell you is that Joe has said, to you, to the public, to his buyers, has always had a basis in fact. It hasn't always been technically accurate... the original contract did contemplate him becoming a 50% owner, but even as a 50% owner he has no say in the operation of the hotel at all. Joe has not yet triggered him becoming a 50% owner, so although he has an agreement that says he could become one, he's never technically become one".
-"Joe and I are 'partners', but that doesn't necessarily mean that Joe is half my business"
-Royer tries to distance himself from the term partners- doesn't like it
-Royer talk about the signs and banners that were just brought up
-"it was a risk that Royal Host decided it needed to take..."
-"Royal Host wants Joe to eventually be successful, so we recognize that we had to take some risk with our business..."
-"I have a different view of that, I think they are very innefective" (the signs)
-"I look at them and I go, there is nothing about those banners that tell me they have anything to do with this location"
-"I looked at them and thought, geez that's not the way I would have done it" (sorry I'm currently dying of laughter here!)
-question of multiple extensions
-"and we'll probably extend it again"
-"you can't change guys" (referring to the extension being given to Joe and not someone else)
-I was itching to jump in somehow (comments in red)
-"here's what we want to know, who brought this guy in? He's not from your side"
-some confusion
-"he's on the other side"
-"no he's got nothing to do with them"
-more confusion
-"well Joe's been referring to himself as the owner"
-Royer is stammering
-"I could come in here and say a homeless man just told me I own this hotel. I got the same right don't I? He's running around with house accounts and saying he's the owner of this place. How does that work?"
-more stammering
-"well you're owner of the hotel" (implying he should no these things)
-"we'll probably do a few more" (extensions won't be forever, but a few more might be needed)
-"what if Joe fails, is there a chance that he never sells..."
-"then we will stay as a hotel"
-"so there is a chance that this place stays as a hotel"
-"sure there's a chance... we have this long path to go down and at the end of the path we anticipate that Joe will be successful" (another side comment as I laugh- they had such faith in Joe that it must have been absolutely killing Joe and friends over the last year- RH wants him to show them a condo!)
-"so again, I'm still not clear, you're 50% owner and Joe comes in, he must have come in from the other side"
-"ya you keep wanting to bring this up"
-"someone must have sold him half this place"
-"and when we talked to Joe, 'Joe you're not the owner, don't tell people you are the owner"
-"what you're telling us is Joe just appeared, he must have come from somewhere"
-a little back and forth sparring over question technicalities
-"Joe came to us three years ago, approximately, and offered to buy the whole hotel" (I love this quote and the timing of Joe)
-"that's the first time we ever heard of Joe"
-"and Joe was not able to buy the hotel, so he came back to us... another idea. The other idea was to convert the hotel and this whole thing"
-"Joe really wants this hotel"
-"Well, I think Joe has, in fairness, I think Joe has a personal attachment to this hotel, because as you know, he was part of buliding it."
-the atmosphere gets louder
-"do you know if this is his first project or do you know any of his background?"
-"no I don't know alot about this guy"
-a steward taking notes jumps in with "so you're slowly trying to sell the hotel yourself"
-steward continues "you're trying to get rid of your 50%"
-"now this is where I get to, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you more than ever. Do you know about the development next door?"
-"ok, now is that in any way connected"
-"not at all?"
-"...with Joe?"
-"sure, with Joe"
-"not that I'm aware of"
-"not that you're aware of"
-"do you know how much property is next door?"
-they discuss the number of houses, unsure of exact number (Joe Drummond and GM Jim are sitting behind Royer)
-"the property, land"
-"acres, whatever"
-"there's like 7 acres next door at Canadian Tire. Do you have any idea what they're doing over there?"
-"about 232 condo units"
-"and what's happening with them?"
-"we understand that they got about 15 units left to sell"
-"so they are not in any way, according to you, connected with what's going on at this property?"
-"they're not connected with us at all"
-"not at all, no way"
-"I really feel sorry for you guys"
-"next door, that property, what do you think that property is worth... 7 acres of land... it's worthless right now, because you can't develop it. There's only one way you can develop that land next door, is if you own this land as well. You're not gonna get any of the approvals from the city, next door. There's a ton of municipal documents that say that"
-"that would be their problem there, not ours"
-"well, the people that are involved with that might be involved with this as well"
-"well then they should come write us a check... how do you feel sorry for us on this?"
-"well I feel sorry for you guys, that you guys don't know this, and you guys aren't looking at it this way, because as businessmen you should and as an employee... I know the value of my job right now and alot of these employees do to... and this hotel need to be gone for other things to take place... because there's a whole road system, you need all kinds of things. This property right now is worth mega-money... you are standing right here being strangled out of this property. You're being strangled and we're going down with you because you guys don't get it."
-"... if we got it, would that change your position at all?"
-"well if I got it, you're lying, you've been lying to me this whole time."
-"if you got what?"
-"if I'm right about what I just said, you've been lying to me, if you knew it... you might have it, you might know all this"
-"well if I knew it then why am I having so much trouble selling it"
-"you can't get out of this property. These people that you're dealing with... are selfish, they're not going to cut you in on this. If they cut you in, they're gonna cut you in for a small amount"
-"I think you're living in a dream world"
-"you think so?"
-"ya, ya I think so"
-"I think I'm much closer than what you're telling us.. about this hotel might stay here and all this stuff"
-"... I know what our deal is"
-"you know what your deal is"
-"well if that's your deal, the way you're presenting it, you're shafted... he (Drummond) was offended by the word screwed, I'll say fucked because you guys are really in trouble"
-"how long have you been in business"
-"how long have I been in business? In what sense?"
-Royer gets into semi-power trip over his perceived superior hotel knowledge, business experience, etc.
-another employee warns Royer that "Mr. Ieradi said the exact same thing to... and he got stung in the end"
-"he's saying..."
-"I'm saying you're standing up there and you're bullshitting us"
-"about what?"
-"ok let's go through the things you are accusing me of knowing that I say I don't know"
-"if you don't know it, you should get on the phone right away and start learning about this stuff"
-"ok, you're saying that the people next door can't build without this land"
-"do you know how many approvals and stuff these people next door have been trying to get. Rezoning and stuff like that."
-"all I can tell you about the people next door..."
-"do you know how many Joe Ieradi has tried to get"
-"none, why? How can he even propose to do this stuff"
-"he doesn't need to rezone it"
-"well we're not talking about just rezoning. He's gotta do alot of stuff. He's gotta get permits for alot of things. He's selling units right now... if he's selling units to people and he doesn't know if he can actually do the stuff... that might be fraudulent. It's happening inside your hotel"
-"you talk alot with very little knowledge"
-"very little knowledge"
-Royer's lesson on how condo's are sold continues in Part 4 later. Thankfully, we do learn something new each day!.
-Royer's lesson on selling condos includes disclosure statement, recision period, and the trust fund that the money goes into
-"at any point can they lose their deposit"
-"if he does not deliver to them the condo and the title, they cannot lose anything"
-"so these people aren't taking risks, there's no fraudulent opportunity here, second of all you're saying that these people next door can't build without our property"
"so now what we'll do for you... we will go check your facts out"
-"I don't think you're right... because my guess is that they would phone the people that actually own the property... now the only phone call that we recieved was Joe got a call from the guy next door who was all concerned about the... egress... that puts an egress into his property... has to go the city to agree on how it's would happen. We didn't go and we never heard from him. But if you're right, I will come back and tell everybody"
-"I want a check cut"
-"but if you're right, if you're right, then"
-"there's just two options here, either, the way I feel, either you're lying to us or your partners are screwing you over"
-"...take your example, say you're correct... let's say that they can't build without us tearing the property down..."
-"well the property doesn't have to disappear... but they need a good partnership with you guys"
-"well they would have had to talk to us. That's not a great way to get a good partnership"
-"because they're not talking to you guys, because they don't give a shit about you guys, they care only about the other 50%."
-... if you're going back to the other 50%"
-"the other 50% that runs this property, and figures out how to do things"
-"I don't think so"
-"that's why I'm feeling sorry for you right now"
-"now who do you think owns the other 50%"
-"whose the other 50%?"
-"Chimo Hotels"
-"Chimo Hotels defaulted on their loans a long time ago, right, and their mortgage company has taken their position"
-"right, and what's their mortgage company"
-"the pension fund"
-"the pension fund"
-"down in Florida"
-"right... the same people that basically started up Chimo Hotels"
-"No Ron Kelly started up Chimo"
-"and who funded Ron Kelly"
-"no idea"
-"you'll know it... that's your answer"
-"can we go back to your point... do they have to tear down the hotel or don't they have to tear down the hotel"
-"do they have to tear it down, in my position they're going to tear down this hotel."
-"so they're gonna tear down this hotel"
-"so who do you propose actually knows that they're gonna tear down this hotel"
-"people want this hotel torn down"
-"I don't"
-"the other 50%, your partners want this hotel torn down"
-"ok so what perception do you have of their ability..."
-"they want full ownership, Joe Ieradi comes out of nowhere 3 years ago, you're giving me this story, he comes out of nowhere and offers to buy this hotel... Joe Ieradi, I don't think can afford to buy a car"
-"we already understand that Joe Ieradi couldn't write the check. I mean I told you that"
-"so somebody wants to buy this hotel, and put Joe Ieradi in this place to try and get it out of you"
-"...can I get back to you... I don't have any problem dealing with anything that... wants to talk about. I don't think he's got his facts straight.. I'm happy to deal with him. I'm happy to give him answers, but I'm a little curious about how important all this is to everybody else. If you all want to sit and listen... I'll be happy to have you all sit here. But if you want to ask these other questions and get on your way, I'll be happy to deal with that too."

The closing side-step continues to this day.

Come play with us Greg. Let the Potentate get a final bitch-slap in!

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Fri, Mar 4, 2005 12:12pm

Here's the partial update!

There was a union meeting at the Travelodge hotel this morning at 9AM. Rather well attended by staff… along with 2 union reps, their lawyer, and the Potentate (sleepless and debauched) rounding out the attendance.

The Potentate would have wrote up something later, but the boys expressed how much they enjoy reading this stuff… so we'll try to get them something before the office closes for the weekend. It is Friday though, so if they peak out earlier, this'll be a further waste of sleeping time. And I'll be irritated all day. That's not nice guys.

I've always found these type of meetings useless and I spent most of it watching the ‘debate' from the sidelines. Highlights…

-The union lawyer came in with a huge book, filled with sticky note markings, dealing with the Employment Standards Act. Now the lawyer was more than adamant that since the union contract is devoid of language dealing with closures and severance that ‘the law' applies. Ya think? The issue is that the workers and apparently the union, don't know what that law is and how it will affect us. They were also surprised to learn that the majority of the staff will be laid off this weekend and paid ‘something' until Apr. 5. This lead to another highlight…

-The union on the last business day before the lay-off, asked the members to get together and figure out what they want to ask for in terms of severance and which dates for calculation should be used. Interesting because it was a ‘we can't help/advise at all, you guys figure it out' request. And after thumping ‘the law' at the beginning it made one wonder… well shouldn't it then be clear to all then what dates and payroll data will be used? That would be a good start for a course-of-action meeting. And shouldn't the workers and the union have already had access to that data?

-Really funny was that there were copies of a page dealing with Pension Plan inquiries available. They basically said call Benefit Plan Administrators for all your questions and gripes. The funny part comes from the majority of staff clearly wanting to take out the five bucks that might be left. That's without any Potentate intervention! And the union rep tried hard to let them know it can be left there for pickup at age 65. They also knew for a fact that those 55 and over are locked in to that one. Good facts pop up once in awhile!

-Now I have to publicly thank Jeff. These guys don't think I like them. But Jeff was so cute looking up there running the show that I have to mention it. Did you catch the Potentate fantasizing? Jeff, I would As for that speech about unions and their use/limitations… I was mesmerized and really enjoyed it. I'm not saying that. You're a great orator!

-great stuff from the lawyer when dealing with a staff member who brought up the idea of lawsuit against the union. She said this (she did!) It was so cute... that most lawyers who would try to take on a union, don't really know much about labour law and I'd hate for you to be spending your money on a wasted effort.
She really cares.

-then cute-boy got into his own glorious pillory of 'the company' (Royal Host for us). About how they will do everything to screw you and how uncaring they are and all the evil that goes on in the boardroom. This while 'unionized' lemmings sat and wondered.

-Basically the meeting was a thank for your dues, nice to have met you, we can't do shit, this lawyer's paid by the hour and my SUV needs a wash. C ya.

-I'll think of more later.

I also have to address the ‘off the record' comments and veiled love-threats that the Potentate has been receiving since last spring. For readers, that was the ‘falling out period' for the Potentate, where he resigned as shop-steward. I believe the comment at the time was ‘why do you care?'. My answer was because ‘no one ever cares for the little guys'. What they failed to understand is that I am that little guy. I also have immigrant parents getting screwed by unions. People like them have no voice and are taken advantage of. But now you're fucking with my money, ripping me off, using me, letting me get ripped off on the company end too, and continually lying to my face. I've seen your shit first hand. I also don't take kindly to wasting my time in negotiations for a bogus contract (unbelievably, still touted today as the best in Ontario!), when the outcome is… this.

I have a voice. And I've been noticeably more than kind with it and my targets. I could be a million times worse, but am not for ‘nice guy' reasons. Keeping that guy around hurts. So if some of you can't handle a public FUCK YOU, well then we truly are the better side, and you deserve to wither away. We've been putting up with getting fucked for a much longer time. Friends don't do that. Fronting two-faces do.

Damn, no time for sleep. Some people are going to face a mean PMS-ing Potentate.

  • posted by weiser
  • Fri, Mar 4, 2005 2:18pm

Who was the lawyer? John Evans?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Mar 5, 2005 12:57pm


posted by weiser:
Who was the lawyer? John Evans?

Some female that I could look up the name for, but won't.

I don't have much computer time, but I will rant for a sec...

What really gets me in these types of 'meetings' is the holier than thou attitude that comes from the front table. The people sitting there believe that their title makes them superior to the peons in the audience. One of the boys even claimed that he thought he was 'of above average intelligence' and therefore his opinion should be taken as gospel. I'll bite my tongue... hard. The lawyer was getting irritated and curt with people who wanted to vent (1 hour every millennium to do it in isn't much). As if only we should have to listen to her spouting boring legal drivel that means and does nothing for us.

When I go into those meetings, I act as if I'm at that table, because well, fuck them. They want to bore me with a meeting. I have to entertain myself and the coworkers at their expense. That really irritates them. Greg Royer is an example. The fact that he is the CEO of a shit company making its money of our backs means he's dirt. The guy working in the convenience store earns more of my respect.

I gotta run. I hope my quick rambling made sense. The whole point is... never give in and accept that they are better than you. If they talk down to or look down on you, turn the tables. The 'better than you' feeling should only be their delusion.

And then the Potentate will come along and viciously snap them out of it.

  • posted by Alvin Two-Two-Toonie
  • Sun, Mar 6, 2005 3:09pm

An open letter to ISDU_Potentate,

Potentate! Pote! How are you? It's been a long time. First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the hard-hitting investigative reporting you've been doing. Who would have thought that in addition to hanging around bookies and rubbing their balls and repelling chicks, you also have journalistic ability. WOW!
Anyway, I just read your last post. Way to stand up for your self. Don't let those lawyers with above-average intelligence and careers look down on you. I mean -- YOUR A BARTENDER, MAN! And a part-time actor, I hear! A regular renaissance-man! Saw you on that late night show know, the one with the Chinese guy and the hot blonde chick. Looks like you had a real connection on that show -- did you and that dude with the blue shirt hook up? I know, I know... a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.
Also, you were looking really healthy on T.V. Much better than the last time I saw you when you looked like you were dying of AIDS. I was relieved to hear that you weren't actually dying of AIDS (You don't even have AIDS!), but you only looked like you were.
Oh yea. I wanted to ask you -- did they ever print a correction in the Toronto Star? You know, for that article where they called you a "metro-sexual". I understand that it was a common mistake... I mean, I didn't know that "metro-sexual" is not the same as "homo-sexual" either. It is the same thing isn't it? Hopefully, they cleared that up so everybody knows which way you swing. That guy in the blue shirt on Showcase sure does! YEA BOY! BOOYAA!
Well, this letter is getting long already so I should get going. Best of luck in breaking the union and getting your $500 000. If there is anyone that can pull off such a zany plan, it would be you! And if not, you could always live off your acting royalties. But it should be alright -- you won't have as many expenses now... Mark's daughter should be finished university by now, right? If not, it ok. I'll lend you a few bucks -- just give me a shout next time you will be trolling through Church St. We'll hook up.

Me. You. Blue Shirt.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Mar 6, 2005 5:29pm

I'm sitting here cracking up laughing with an ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch thing going on.

Buddy comes out of the woodwork to praise and slam me at the same time. It's so interesting. There's not much I can say (because I'm not 100% sure of the source of the riz-zing). The Travelodge military police are raiding MfD or some union guys are playing 'we're offended'. The career 'fluffer' boys. Wow that could potentially blow up into a real war of words. I'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt and leave my suspicions inside the Lodge.

Me and the guy in the blue shirt actually did hook up. Party at his place after the show. And that blond chick is really hot, huh? A 27 year old beauty with a phd in sex 'whatever' is not a bad thing to come home to.

AIDS... hmm... wish I had a pic. 6'0, low weight of 160 (currently around 170). Pretty good shape I think. Maybe you caught me after one of my sleepless party weekends. Me and the blue shirt guy have had a few of those.

The correction should be in the Toronto Sun (if you knew where it originated). The interesting thing is that it describes someone secure enough with themselves that they do whatever the fuck they want, not caring what label it might have. And we love bartending! So any 'homosexual' reference slides very easily off me, unlike your cute little tight ass on my cock. See it's that easy!

Half million was a number I threw out for a 'what would it take' to stop hounding Greg Royer. Still is a good number. Breaking the union? I think I did a such a good job unionizing part of the hotel (including the military police)... wasn't the question last time 'are you getting paid for this?' My intention was to help the workers and fuck the management. Always has been, always will be.

When I'm not craving university chicks (I'm in talks to do some organization at one- that would be a fun job!), we'll hook up on Church. If you've read some of my past posts, you know I've recommended Wilde Oscar's. Been there. We can check out what really is behind the curtain in the washroom.

I'm kinda tired of this, but it's ok. This weekend I actually discussed lyrics to a song by Eminem (GOD) privately with some coworkers and MFD persons. I love Eminem for his writing ability and attitude. And how much of himself he puts into his songs. You might not understand what it's all about but the feeling of frustration and the 'we gotta find a way to go on' come through. I don't think he's written a better one, and that is saying a lot.


Like Toy Soldiers
by Eminem

Album : Encore

[Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers]

Step by step, heart to heart, left right left
We all fall down like toy soldiers
Piece by piece, torn apart, we never win
But the battle wages on for toy soldiers

[Verse 1]
I'm supposed to be the soldier who never blows his composure
Even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders
I am never supposed to show it, my crew ain't supposed to know it
Even if it means goin' toe to toe with a Benzino it don't matter
I'd never drag them in battles that I can't handle unless I absolutely have to
I'm supposed to set an example
I need to be the leader, my crew looks for me to guide 'em
If some shit ever just pop off, I'm supposed to be beside 'em
Now the Ja shit i tried to squash it, it was too late to stop it
There's a certain line you just don't cross and he crossed it
I heard him say Hailie's name on a song and I just lost it
It was crazy, this shit be way beyond some Jay-z and Nas shit
And even though the battle was won, I feel like we lost it
I spent too much energy on it, honestly I'm exhausted
And I'm so caught in it I almost feel I'm the one who caused it
This ain't what I'm in hip-hop for, it's not why I got in it
That was never my object for someone to get killed
Why would I wanna destroy something I helped build
It wasn't my intentions, my intentions was good
I went through my whole career without ever mentionin' ...
Now it's just out of respect for not runnin' my mouth
And talkin' about something that I knew nothing about
Plus Dre told me stay out, this just wasn't my beef
So I did, I just fell back, watched and gritted my teeth
While he's all over t.v. down talkin' a man who literally saved my life
Like fuck it i understand this is business
And this shit just isn't none of my business
But still knowin' this shit could pop off at any minute cuz


[Verse 2]
There used to be a time when you could just say a rhyme
And wouldn't have to worry about one of your people dyin'
But now it's elevated cuz once you put someone's kids in it
The shit gets escalated, it ain't just words no more is it?
It's a different ball game, callin' names and you ain't just rappin'
We actually tried to stop the 50 and Ja beef from happenin'
Me and Dre had sat with him, kicked it and had a chat with him
And asked him not to start it he wasn't gonna go after him
Until Ja started yappin' in magazines how we stabbed him
Fuck it 50 smash 'em, mash 'em and let him have it
Meanwhile my attention is pullin' in other directions
Some receptionist at The Source who answers phones at his desk
Has an erection for me and thinks that I'll be his ressurection
Tries to blow the dust off his mic and make a new record
But now he's fucked the game up cuz one of the ways I came up
Was through that publication the same one that made me famous
Now the owner of it has got a grudge against me for nothin'
Well fuck it, that mutherfucker can get it too, fuck him then
But I'm so busy being pissed off I don't stop to think
That we just inherited 50's beef with Murder Inc.
And he's inherited mine which is fine ain't like either of us mind
We still have soldiers that's on the front line
That's willing to die for us as soon as we give the orders
Never to extort us, strictly to show they support us
We'll maybe shout 'em out in a rap or up in a chorus
To show them we love 'em back and let 'em know how important it is
To have Runion Avenue Soldiers up in our corners
Their loyalty to us is worth more than any award is
But I ain't tryna have none of my people hurt and murdered
It ain't worth it I can't think of a perfecter way to word it
Then to just say that I love ya'll too much to see the virdict
I'll walk away from it all before I let it go any further
But don't get it twisted, it's not a plea that I'm coppin'
I'm just willin' to be the bigger man
If ya'll can quit poppin' off at your jaws well then I can,
Cuz frankly I'm sick of talkin'
I'm not gonna let someone elses coffin rest on my conscience cuz


I'm off to sleep. Blue shirt guy wants to spoon.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Mar 8, 2005 10:44pm

The FINAL Mondo Condo shit-disturb!

If you believe that opening line, you need medication.

The Potentate went in today to give in his float and key. It was a really weird experience. The four staff members there were in street clothes (you were right siggy), including the General!

The hotel is in teardown mode. Any stragglers walking in are told they are trespassing. There is a private security guard patrolling. Joe apparenlty owns everything but the food and liquor stock, which will be given to some other Royal Host property.

The bar had been stripped of most of the brewerania, but there was still a Kahlua chalkboard which as a test, I asked for. The General was quick to issue me a package pass which I found weird but it made sense quickly. As I walked to the bar, I got followed by a goon squad and questioned. I continued to take the sign and proceeded through the lobby. The General came in to save me as I had to listen to these guys talk about how they have pictures of everything in the hotel. Maybe to pleasure themselves with later? Anyway I got out once the goons all figured out they don't want the piece for their own basement.

Next door the construction continues. Some building. It's pretty weird. A close relative of the Potentate who constructs houses said pretty quickly that 'that's not houses or townhomes'. I give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Ok, that's long enough. Strange stuff going on there.

NEW RUMOUR!... I love this one. It's been hinted that Greg Royer and Royal Host are still meshed into whatever is going on! The Potentate just spewed all over the computer screen. That would be something. In 1998 when they bought the place, they got suckered into a sweet deal. A public company needs to get out of the mess in another sweet deal way. Only this one has to go to the other guys. Could Randy and Joe both be the proud owner of 10 condo? I'm sure we'll figure it out.

No contact with the head shop-steward from the union yet. Is their lawyer doing some extra digging? Has anyone offered Greg some hardcore sex for severance? If not, do so on my behalf.

I'll be curious to see if union dues get deducted from this months pay. Guess which way I'm betting?

Game goes on. We just adapt.

  • posted by blasdell
  • Wed, Mar 9, 2005 5:13am

Sorry to hear you are out of work. It must have been a difficult day.

I hope those who make decisions, you know the tough ones, think about the human cost.

Reminds me of animal farm the pigs looked like men and the men looked liked pigs.

  • posted by siggy
  • Wed, Mar 9, 2005 5:30am


Reminds me of animal farm the pigs looked like men and the men looked liked pigs.

It reminds me of the ofg/Loman guys. Sorry Pot et al. Ya' may not have heard from ufcw. They're pro'lly just trying to deal with their grief as well, putting things in the right perspective so they can move on - "he dd get a chalkboard - it could be worse".

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Mar 9, 2005 8:18am


posted by bb:
Sorry to hear you are out of work. It must have been a difficult day.

I hope those who make decisions, you know the tough ones, think about the human cost.

Don't feel sorry for me. I moved on awhile ago (stayed partially). Unfortunately, I had to miss the going away party last Saturday because of it. So I didn't get to see most of the workers before the gates closed.

I do feel sorry for some of the others though. The money is going to run out pretty quickly. The benefits are bye-bye just like the pension.

It's business, but this was so visibly dirty and wrong for so long, that it is sickening. I'm just saving my vomit for the suits involved.

  • posted by blasdell
  • Thu, Mar 10, 2005 11:55am


posted by ISDU Potentate:
Don't feel sorry for me. I moved on awhile ago (stayed partially). Unfortunately, I had to miss the going away party last Saturday because of it. So I didn't get to see most of the workers before the gates closed.

I hope I did not give you the wrong impresssion ISDU. I was imagining a a long-term employee leaving his employment on his last day of work, saying good-bye to his co-workers.

I would not wish that on a enemy.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Mar 10, 2005 12:32pm


posted by bb:
I hope I did not give you the wrong impresssion ISDU. I was imagining a a long-term employee leaving his employment on his last day of work, saying good-bye to his co-workers.

I would not wish that on a enemy.

I understand. I'm already wondering what certain people are doing.

Interesting thought because I freaked out a union rep last week by saying that I'm looking for a list of names and numbers for all employees (sort of like the seniority list we've never ever seen plus phone numbers). I swear they think I'm Osama bin Laden. Not possible guys... I still can't grow a beard!

But it's sad that you work with people daily for 12 years and the chances of your running into them again are slim to none.

Oh union boys, don't worry about the phone number thing... we already have the key ones.

And if any Travelodge employees or readers need to reach me, you can email me through this site.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 7:15am

I should be sleeping, but I'm laughing too hard

Just had to post this update I received...

Joe Ieradi has been on a mission to keep people out of the Mondo Condo Travelodge. Possibly to keep stuff from exiting, and possibly to keep 'eyes' from entering. To accomplish this the man has been sealing, locking and blocking fire routes. Damn smart guy, as the hotel is not only still technically open, but a work site too.

Guess who paid a visit and snipped all the locks yesterday? ONE GUESS FOR ALL FANS! Guess who they are coming back to charge? Guess who's permits they are looking into?

Kharma or just dumb?

  • posted by wm pasz
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 7:27am

Way to shitdisturb Potentate!

I can't believe - well, I can believe - that this guy would actually lock all the fire doors. This is the dude the CCWIPP boys are rolling around with?

More power to those inspectors!

Let's find out about those permits too. A call to the North York Planning Department is all it takes. Ask them if there are any building permits, approved site plans and condo plans for 2737 Keele Street.

Then tell MFD.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 7:40am

Hey I was impressed and proud too. I'm out of the place, but soldiers (including management) are still there hating the guys guts.

I had heard earlier that he basically sealed off the back and wanted all traffic only through the front doors. Same way I entered on my last trip.

So many 'thick-skull' stories. How about... Many of the kitchen appliances are not actually owned by the hotel. The reps and suppliers let us use them. Now those suppliers are entitled to take them back. Joe is again playing "I'M THE FUCKING OWNER, so that shit is mine too". And if they wanted to cart something 'big' out, they'd have to break a wall down to get it out the front doors, since the shipping/receiving area is under Fire Safety Joe control.

  • posted by weiser
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 10:45am


When Joe speaks, you never see his partners' lips move. Hey, you never even see his partners!

Isn't it strange that Joe talks about "we" but no one else shows up on the documents? Hmmmm..... time to check some things out.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 11:41am

I had to.

Just pictured Ron Kelly with little Joe on his lap. Where's that hand?

  • posted by weiser
  • Sat, Mar 12, 2005 12:20pm

Joe: "I don't know a Ron Kelly! Wait! I got a brother-in-law named Kelly."

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Mar 13, 2005 1:11pm

News reports trickling in from the front lines...

So far the progressive JOE STUPIDITY FINES jackpot has broken the $5000 mark. Minimum of 10 locked doors 'opened' by the fire department at a $500/piece minimum price means that this bill will easily break the tally from previous ventures.

The fire marshall has said that he'll be at the hotel each time a permit is issued to make sure things are being done correctly. Since Joe has no demolition permit (already taken place on the 10th floor), any and all construction has effectively been stopped. 6-8 months is looking great!

We'll know more this week.

Are we almost at the 'gotta flip the nightmare property' stage? Who else wants a piece of the Mondo Condo? Step right up.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Mar 13, 2005 2:41pm

News reports trickling in from the front lines (continued)...

These are single serving stories coming out of the hotel.

-Security has now been beefed up to 3 people. The first theives apprehended were apparently Joe's own workers, who were caught putting 'stuff' to the (out)side for their own pickup later. Cancer cells attack their host too!

-Some television and stuff went missing a little while ago. Hotel staff was blamed. Joe apparently didn't want the cops called. He felt like forgiving those people who were 'probably just mad about losing their job'. What a swell guy.

-There is talk of an auction this Thursday. Some employees are interested in going. MfDers can self-invite themselves. More details/confirmation later. Donate to Joe's Condo Cause... or Joe's Fire Safety Tab... or Joe's Petty Cash Fund for Coffee and an Apple Fritter.

-News of 'no permits' is causing a lot of people to re-examine and re-think a lot of the Mondo Condo stuff that was written. Bonus!

  • posted by weiser
  • Sun, Mar 13, 2005 4:21pm

Joe: "Pervert?! Ya, we gotta da pervert for da work."

Inspector: No Mr. Ieradi, P.E.R.M.I.T., permit."

Joe: "Oh! PERRRRRMIT? No--Ron Kelly ain't no permit. Do you mean hermit?"

Inspector: "Not hermit--permit."

Joe: "PERMIT? Ah, I gotta brother-in-law named permit. Whata the hell do you want. You will be hearing from my lawyers."

  • posted by remote viewer
  • Sun, Mar 13, 2005 5:20pm

Seems to me like locking of the fire exits is something that's too stupid even for a guy like our pal Joe. I mean everybody knows you can't do shit like that. I get the feeling that some timely intervention by the TFD (and our shitdisturbing colleagues) may have prevented a towering inferno.

Oh hell people, sorry, we can't convert the hotel to a condo now. There's nothing to convert - just a pile of ash and molten kitchen appliances. Coming soon: Cliff's Corporate Commercial Center. Lease now. Rooms/offices by the half hour. Book 10 hours up front and get a free parking spot in Satan's Garage.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Mar 13, 2005 6:39pm


posted by remote viewer:
I get the feeling that some timely intervention by the TFD (and our shitdisturbing colleagues) may have prevented a towering inferno.

Just heard that the 'colleagues' are CN Rail workers. Their employer has this thing called a contract with the hotel, where they book a block of rooms for a long time. Getting this contract isn't easy as you have to show that you can 'service' these guys. We had them for the first few years of the hotel's existence and then lost them until the contract came up recently. Having an operating bar and restaurant on property helped resecure these guys. That perk is gone. Many of them remembered staff from the 'old days'. Some of the guys know (so therefore all of them know) the story of the Mondo Condo. And they and their company isn't too happy being caught in the fallout.

I'm sure they didn't like the towering inferno thought either.

There is also some story about the front canopy hotel entrance lights (a large area) which were being turned off to give the property a more 'don't come hither' look. And to save Joe some operating costs. $21M + $5000 + it ain't gonna stop costing buddy. The CN guys weren't too pleased with the light thing either. So they are now back on.

If any trouble or call a soldier makes is backed up by a pissed off national corporation, things are good.

Adaptation. Anyone ever see the movie? Brilliant. Brilliant. The Potentate wants to have Charlie Kaufman's children.

  • posted by weiser
  • Mon, Mar 14, 2005 7:05am

In all seriousness, the idiots are doing construction work without the proper permits; all too often you hear about major fires starting due to construction, and these guys bolt all the exits?! While they have human beings staying in the hotel?

That's the sort of shit that you read about happening in Tiwanese toy or Mexican fireworks factories. The guys responsible for all those types of deaths all say they did it to prevent theft.

If my memory serves me correctly, Joe was whacked with a pretty big fine for ignoring laws at his seagull club.



  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Mar 14, 2005 1:02pm

This corner is a hilarious puzzle. You have

2701 Keele St. - Independence Way/Canadian Tire Gas Bar
2737 Keele St. - Travelodge/Westmount
1077 Wilson Ave. - Swiss Chalet/Burger King
1055 Wilson Ave. - An empty lot

At 2701 you got no permits. At 2737 you got no permits. At 1077 you have a temporary thing going on. Now at 1055 you have some lawyers working on getting the land for unnamed clients.

The funny thing about the last one is that their proposal still has no details. They say they want to build a 'small commercial building', but have not been able to provide the city any info for quite some time. Now it's going to go to the OMB. The most recent update is here... Feb 1,2,3

The 2701 guys have their own problems with the median still being discussed... Feb 16

You have a minimum of 3 fucked pieces in this square parcel of land. What are the odds on that type of business ineptitude? Does anyone else see the connection? Joe and friends tried to make it even more evident as the empty 1055 lot held a massive sign advertising Westmount Condos. You gotta at least talk with the neighbours to have that allowed.

Everyone is stuck and drowning. Maria Augimeri, the councillor for the area is probably a little flustered. Her 'friends' wanted to give her street corner a makeover, but it's not going quite as planned. Poor Maria.

The luckiest ones are the Swiss Chalet/Burger King workers. They can keep their jobs a little longer than was originally planned. Although some might not see that as 'luck'.

Enjoying the train-wreck,

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Mar 14, 2005 1:40pm


posted by weiser:
In all seriousness, the idiots are doing construction work without the proper permits;

Forgot to comment on this weiser. You know when this thing first started, the big hotel 'talk' was... ASBESTOS. There were all kinds of rumour/stories flying (this is a 1975 building). Nobody understood how that issue would be taken care of. All I know is that those walls contain a lot of it. And I haven't seen guys in chem-suits pulling that shit out yet.

Maybe Joe and his workers will get a cough soon. Hope that they have medical benefits. Ours are pretty much done.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Mar 15, 2005 12:15pm

Good afternoon Mr. Greg Royer!

Your financials are out. You made it through the conference call. The Potentate did too! I've had teeth removed before and this was no comparison... I was drugged that time.

The conference call is available at conference call page . The lowest bitrate is good enough. I'm linking it for those that want to hear Greg's opening speech for 3 minutes. He mentions the North York Travelodge property (as he does throughout the call- seems to be a headache).

The must listen for the conference call starts in the 37th minute. Fast forward. This is where a question dealing with the hotel causes a bit of confusion and nervousness. Outgoing CFO Peter Sikora accidently gives out a number he didn't want to... and then says 'now we'll have to kill you' as they try to joke it away. It's so freudian! Then they blame all the hotel's problems on 9/11 and SARS. Cock lickers.

The Royal Host news release page is also interesting as they have removed the link to the Travelodge sale release. Why would you do that Greg? The page is still up and linkable, but not listed. Did that email bother you too much? Put it back up and show the world how so far removed your are from that property.

Here's the 2004 Financials

My favorite parts so far are...

All hotel properties are wholly-owned by Royal Host, except one hotel property representing less than 5% of total capital assets, which is jointly owned by Royal Host and the vendor. Pursuant to the Exchange Agreement dated
September 11, 1998, the vendor has an option to exchange its 50% ownership interest for units of Royal Host. The valuation of such exchange is to be determined based on a specified industry average historic capitalization rate and the units of Royal Host are to be priced based on a 20 day weighted average trading price per unit. This specified capitalization rate is not determined with reference to a base-lending rate such as prime rate. This calculation has been taken into consideration in the diluted per unit calculations in Note 13 and determined to be
On November 8, 2004, Royal Host completed a financing arrangement for a $25.0 million, 5-year term mortgage, secured by The Hilton, London, Ontario and The Chimo Hotel, Ottawa properties. The proceeds were used to retire $24.5 million of the principal balance outstanding on an existing $30.0 million portfolio mortgage which matured March 31, 2004. The interest for the refinanced loan will be paid quarterly at a rate equal to 7.35% per
On September 29, 2003, Royal Host completed financing in the amount of $8.7 million, of which the proceeds were used to pay down short-term debt and for working capital and general corporate purposes. This is a 10 year term mortgage, secured by a certain hotel property. The interest is 7.37% compounded semi-annually.
b) Sale of Interest in Hotel Property
Effective February 23, 2005, Royal Host completed the sale of its 50% interest in a hotel property located in Toronto, Ontario. The property was sold for proceeds of $10.8 million consisting of $7.0 million cash and a $3.8 million 8% vendor take-back ('VTB') mortgage with a 60-day term. Royal Host will continue to operate the property as a hotel following the closing date in order to wind up the hotel operations. Royal Host will be entitled to all operating revenues and shall fund all operating and closing costs during the wind up period. The net cost of the winding up of the business will be reimbursed to Royal Host in the form of a 0%, 18-month VTB mortgage.

Hey Greg, we having lotta discussion! About the lots of happy, merry-go-round book playing going on.

You're still involved with Joe and friends. What happens in 60 days buddy? Who pays it off. 0%? Wow, you were just begging for daddy to get out of your ass and let you out of the place quickly. Just in time for financials?

You're staying with us Greg. Enjoy it.

  • posted by weiser
  • Tue, Mar 15, 2005 5:41pm

"Joint Venture" I like that phrase.

The figures in the Media release just don't add up for the entire property. As for the six to eight month estimate on finishing the condos--bullshit! It'll take three to six months just to get the permits--if they can be got. And we know that until the buggers give the City a whopping chunk of land, there ain't going to be any permits.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Mar 16, 2005 12:22am


posted by weiser:
"Joint Venture" I like that phrase.

The figures in the Media release just don't add up for the entire property. As for the six to eight month estimate on finishing the condos--bullshit! It'll take three to six months just to get the permits--if they can be got. And we know that until the buggers give the City a whopping chunk of land, there ain't going to be any permits.

I like the phrase too. Ieradi used it a few times in his phone call, didn't he? They're all family. Inbred.

There is this really cool thing I like to use called 'logic'. An absolutely fascinating thing. Works like this...

A couple weeks back I posted this news release link

I got it from this news release page.

Now as you can see you can no longer find the original release on the page. Since that page contains the archive of all Royal Host news releases (including other hotel sales), one must wonder why the Travelodge release was removed.

Hmmmm... logic would say that it was removed on purpose. To remove it tells me it possibly contained innaccuracies or potential embarrassment to Royal Host. This is the same logical reasoning that Joe Ieradi (a logical guy) must have used in pulling his westmount condo site. Now Greg, you cannot claim that it was never there in the first place, because the link above gets you there. Your site helped the Potentate find it. You made a conscious effort to remove some vague, questionable numbers and a claim of 'our hands are clean of that property'. Maybe weiser's thought that '6-8 months is bullshit' fucked you up a bit. Exposing your bullshit ain't too hard. Keep crappin'.

More notes on the hotel...

-There is a supposedly 'public' auction Thursday morning (17th). No details yet, as the one flyer promoting it disappeared. I don't think they want to have too much of the public on property. This is some kind of farce in the making. We'll see if the General can provide more info.

-The total hotel rooms that CN Rail has is 49 (3rd/4th floor). I doubt they are all occupied, but even the Potentate wasn't aware of it being that high an amount. The locked exit doors thing is funnier with that number.

-Conflicting reports about the fines and stuff. Some sources say heavy fines, some say just a slap on the wrist warning. We'll clarify soon.

-The hotel no longer looks like a hotel, with all the floors basically gutted and furniture piled all over the place. The CN workers are apparently getting really cranky and pissed off (it lead to the TFD being called). Imagine those guys having to put up with that place. Doubt Royal Host will ever see one of those contracts again. And if I were CN Rail, I'd get the word out to other corporations on these guys. But that's just me...

I'm a vindictive motherfucker.

  • posted by weiser
  • Wed, Mar 16, 2005 6:43am

Is this the news release?

  • posted by siggy
  • Wed, Mar 16, 2005 6:44am


The total hotel rooms that CN Rail has is 49 (3rd/4th floor). I doubt they are all occupied, but even the Potentate wasn't aware of it being that high an amount. The locked exit doors thing is funnier with that number.

Who's minding the store - weren't all the staff let go (read: screwed over)?


it has sold its 50% interest in the Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre – Toronto to a residential condominium development group for $10.8 million. Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay down a $5.5 million mortgage and for general corporate working capital purposes. The transaction will have no material affect on Royal Host's earnings or asset value.

Don't investors get a little piss'd when profits from a 'sale' aren't shared?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Mar 16, 2005 10:49pm

This Mondo Condo New Update is brought to you by...

The Potentate. As always.


posted by siggy:
Who's minding the store - weren't all the staff let go (read: screwed over)?

All were screwed over. Most were let go. Figures in a sec.

The Potentate visited the front lines today... by phone. He was patched through to the General for an exclusive one-on-one interview! The General is getting much more comfortable in these question/answer sessions, which the Potentate will take as a compliment. They've learnt... a nice answer... no bite from the pitbull.

latest info (not all from the General)...

-approximately 20 staff left... half unionized.

-the weekend of the staff 'we're all going away' party, Joe's showrooms were broken into and some stuff was vandalized. TVs and it's believed that an espresso machine was stolen. This makes sense with the Joe not wanting to call the cops about the issue thing.

-The Auction takes place in a few hours on Thurs. March 17 @ 10:30AM. It is being run by Benaco Sales. Their website has picture of a ton of hotel items at this page of Travelodge 'stuff'. I'm sickened looking at stuff like the piano and the surely dead fish tank ready to go. Hey the Kahlua sign made it into the picture! I could wax nostalgic about most of the stuff... I might... look at the bar lounge chairs... cheap upholstery and with a ripped bottom. The Potentate ripped all the bottoms on a slow night long ago to get at about $100 worth of change. It was fun! You'll get to also see pictures of Ron Kelly's mob room. Nice place. Arcade games? Not hotel property. These guys are going to sell things before the real owners have a chance to pick them up.

-THE CN RAIL ISSUE. This is turning into a great story! A very touchy subject and the Potentate will molest it for all it's worth. The CN guys are PISSED. They do not want to leave the property. They apparently have a 3 year deal with at least half left to it. Now the contract was just under $50/per night, per room. It's a low figure but Royal Host wanted to fill those rooms and figured they'd make money off the added food and liquor sales. Those don't exist anymore. Now Royal Host has been trying to move them to their Norfinch property which has none of the services and is nowhere close to bars/restaurants/grocery stores or anything. CN is refusing to pay for February or March. CN Police are on property every day (they have their own force with power!)... CN POLICE. I've heard they have some really good looking officers and the staff 'enjoys' them coming in. I think saying that 'there is a problem' is understating it.

-the fire marshall was in again today (I'm sticking with the 10 doors x $500 figure). Today they (or whoever) tagged an estimated 20 cars/trucks/moving vans. What Joe is doing is having everything carted out the front, when the hotel is built to have it done from the back. So those guys and the workers are all conga lined at the front. I'm sure they love those handicapped spots too.

I'm thinking this CN thing will be huge. If they don't pay, Royal Host investors will find out about it. The loss on this property will be significant. Quick math say 2 months is $150,000 + associated costs. Then add the possibility of having to honor it at a rival property to the end of the contract. Who cares, Joe will pick it up. Right Greg? He's got money to burn.

The Mondo Condo will haunt you for a long time Greggy. Fucker.

  • posted by weiser
  • Mon, Mar 21, 2005 8:38am

Here's a good show about Mortgage Fraud.

When you look at the CCWIPP's investments (Darlington etc.) you wonder how the properties dropped 90% in value once the CCWIPP bought them.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Mar 22, 2005 5:51pm

I just stole a quote from yankee in another thread...


Some velvet morning the rank and file will awake to find, all is gone, everything. They have slept too long and too deep at the wheel, the mechanism of steering is gone.

I had just got off the phone with the head shop-steward of the Mondo Condo. Then yankee iced the conversation for me.

A background about my mentor... my Dr. Dre. She has spent the past 20 years at the Mondo Condo (except for the early break just before Ronny came in). The lady is now in her late 50s but could still easily rip a pitbull to shreds. If only she had internet access! Anyway, this lady was my mom for 12 years and I credit her with instilling the 'union attitude' in the Potentate.

Now the Potentate has been through a ton of soul-searching and heavy thinking over the past couple years. It ain't easy. But I can't imagine what it's like to have been the person involved with a ton of union crap (consisting of contracts, raids, legal fights, etc.) that have occured over the last decade plus at this fine hotel. And to now sit there and see it in all its fine bullshit glory. To have been used for that long. And know it. It's pretty depressing.

Since my mentor can't speak publicly for herself, I'm going to do it. She doesn't want to think about it to hard because she doesn't have an outlet for her anger like I do.

So, Greg Royer... if you're not yet aware of it... you're a fucking asshole. A liar to boot. That hotel was a good piece of property before Royal Host came in and mismanaged. It's a good location and only getting better. The CN crew was begging to come back in. They loved it the first time, didn't like where they went to, and were happy to come back. You fucked it all up and we hope it will seriously cost you. You played with Ronnie's friends trying to make some good coin. They were smarter than you and that definitely isn't saying much. Was it worth it for ya?

Union boys. You spend years 'playing' friends. No phonecalls anymore? Are phonecalls tied to union dues? If so, there still are a couple weeks to check on the workers. A few of them have found part time gigs. Weren't you supposed to help with that? Others do your dirty work so well, that you receive 1/100 of the headaches you should be getting. The Travelodge crew gave you a free ride and you took it with no thanks. Shame is too good for you. But it all comes around and you will get yours.

UFCW Pension shenanigans? Stealing peoples cash. Theives. Those 55 and over are tied in and hoping something is left. It might be.

We're gonna find out. We owe those that went before us.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Mar 26, 2005 12:04pm

Dear CN Rail workers staying at the Mondo Condo,

On behalf of the Travelodge employees... your next beer is on the Potentate!! If there are too many of ya, we'll herb it up together.

I love these guys. As of April 4th, they are to go to the Norfinch property. And they won't go! Their UNION is against it and will start job-action to screw it up. The manager at the Norfinch property (Hwy 400 and Finch) is the transplanted Front Desk manager of the Mondo Condo Travelodge. He's signed the deal but isn't aware of the backroom problems. The CN workers are grouped in these hotels for ease in contact and pickup. The hotel bar and front desk would always get calls in the search for the workers (to give them schedule info, etc.).

Job action would include them refusing to stay at the hotel (scattered around the city), and passing on the assignments. Basically they would be leaving the trains without conductors and such. Standstill.

Their union rep is showing up again tonight and has been invited to speak with the Potentate. I would love to meet a rep that might actually want to help his guys out. Although if I was representing the average CN Rail worker, I wouldn't want to get on their bad side either. We'll leave Royal Host alone over there.

This story is just begging for media attention.

On another side note, if you call the hotel at 416-636-4656 you'll talk to one of Joe's security guys. You can hear their security-ness over the phone. It's impressive. If the security guy isn't there, you might get a "hello, Titantic", or "Jetsgo at your service", etc. and other hilarity that the staff comes up with. Try your luck!

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 6, 2005 2:03pm

Well, we can now say that the Mondo Condo Travelodge is officially closed (as of April 5th).

The General Manager Jim Kerstens will probably be on site for another week to 10 days. I spoke to him last week and he is definitely not looking forward to severance pay day. He expects a lot of unhappy people for some reason. It happens on Tuesday April 12th from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Montecassino Hotel in North York. We'll get to feel right at home... 'Monty's/Morgan's', 1975/1975... I could be so mean but it's too easy here. The flyer advertising the payday and address (which the Potentate never received... hmmm...) has the wrong subway station listed. Which is a nice way of stranding/confusing employees. In keeping with tradition, I guess.

There has again been no contact from the union to the head shop steward yet. They know she's called but are probably unable to hear the ring through their office bunker walls. Hope they at least have internet access...


What amazes me about this whole severance thing is that SUPPOSEDLY THERE ARE LAWS governing this shit. But everything up to this point says that it not the case. The GM said that they went through all kinds of scenarios to figure out who would get what and how much. That that happened doesn't suprise me. The GM said that those with 'other circumstances' such as sick leave and such will get special attention. That tells me that it's totally up to Royal Host and not some laws. Here is a major topic among staff...

When this clause was agreed to, we were all astounded. I think it originated 2 contract ago. It's more of a jealousy thing among the rest of the staff...


Banquet Porters- The Company shall receive 12% of the employee share in lieu of guaranteed Porter's gratuity.

In the first year of the Agreement, September 19, 2002 to September 18 2003, the Banquet Porter's base hourly rate shall be $9.75. In addition to the base rate, the Porter shall receive a guaranteed gratuity of $5.35 for each hour worked.

The wage increases in Year 2 up to Year 5 shall be in accordance with Schedule I, and the Porter shall receive a guaranteed gratuity of $5.35 for each hour worked. The base rate only shall be used in the calculation of vacation pay and Weekly Indemnity

Basically the porters won the lottery in that they were getting a guaranteed gratuity when the hotel wasn't attracting the business. Sort of a less work for more pay thing. And now their severance pay will be calculated with the guaranteed gratuity included in the calculation. The low end banquet and restaurant servers aren't too pleased as they receive no severance on gratuities. One can argue the 'cash' point of this, but I'm sure that all employees would be willing to show up with their tax return slips showing their 'tips earned' line.

The next argument is over statutory holidays. Those that worked on those days will only be receiving 8 hours straight pay calculation instead of the 1.5 times (12 hours). And the bonus 8 stat hours that come with it. So 8 hours instead of 20 hours.

I've been asked to email Greg Royer... again... Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Greg, Fuckin' Greg.

  • posted by weiser
  • Thu, Apr 7, 2005 8:05am

Has dey got da permits and da plans filed yet?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Apr 9, 2005 10:46pm

Since this whole thing started, I haven't put too much pressure on Maria Augimeri. Personally, I think she's useless, and very involved in everything going on. She's trying to cover her ass in all this shit. It's not working, it's bare, and it looks damn ugly. I won't be too mean to her. Her little street corner just isn't gonna be as pretty as her handlers described it would be.

A couple of Travelodge stories at Inside Toronto have been 'removed' recently. You can no longer find anything with a search for 'Travelodge' or 'Norstar' (the next door property). Those articles exist, but they are no longer linked. The author has had a very interesting range of articles made 'unavailable'. And if anyone is wondering that site is affiliated/owned by the Toronto Star people. I blame Maria for any coverup. How is it that guys/gals like her and Wayne Samuelson never answer email, but then throw you on their own email list and send you a ton of NOTHING BUT FUCKING CRAP!??

Council meets on Monday, after the longest of March breaks. When last we left of, Miss North York Maria begged council and got her wish...


Minutes of the Council of the City of Toronto
February 16, 2005

2.36 North York Community Council Report 1, Clause 10a, headed 'Feasibility to Extend the
Concrete Median - Keele Street north of Highway 401 (Ward 9 - York Centre)'.

Councillor Augimeri moved that consideration of the Clause be deferred to the next regular meeting of City Council on April 12, 2005.

Vote on Deferral:
The motion by Councillor Augimeri carried.
Mayor Miller in the Chair.

Such an important issue raised a very long time ago, needed more 'thinking time'. On the surface it should be open/shut. But hmmm... this very conveniently and coincidently gave Royal Host and Westmount a few days to 'sell' (their word, not mine) the place and delayed her very real problems.

How's that lawsuit against Norstar going my dear?? ARE YOU STILL PONDERING?? They haven't had a break in work yet on that site. They must have shivered at the threat.

Hey Maria, if you're super-lucky the TTC strike will happen on Monday and this issue will go under the radar a bit longer for ya.

Pick a side lady. Choose wisely.

  • posted by siggy
  • Sat, Apr 9, 2005 11:23pm


"I've been elected for 20 years and never seen anyone so brazen when it comes to breaking the law."

Call the fucking cops - if I break the law I get arrested. In Vancouver people are arrested just for being poor and in toronto you can openly break the law and get away with it? Surely an elected Toronto City Councillor has the means to get the keele st. criminals off the streets - what or who is Maria Augimeri afraid of?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Apr 10, 2005 12:50am

Siggy, you inspired the Potentate!!!

I had just sat down for some tunes and a 'smoke'. Started thinking about useless one-on-one letters with a city councillor. Easier/more-efficient... why not get right on the City Hall floor (in email form) and find out what's going on? ISDU inspired action time.

Why not email Maria a simple message with links... then CC the mayor CC all Toronto city councillors, CC all their assistants (damn! had to remove most- too many recipients), throw in the Toronto Sun City Hall reporter and you too RV babe, for good measure... City Councillors

It's a gamble. If the strike happens this email might be ignored (5 reads out of 54 and I'm happy). If the strike doesn't happen then this can be the entertainment. Maria must have some friends... or foes(?) on council who want to... learn and help us learn.


Subject: Hi Maria Augimeri! And all other councillors/reporters interested in illegal(!!) activites.
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 03:40:44 -0400

Hello again Maria,

A long running thread (one of many) now mentions you in particular... Mondo Condo: The Game!

You have to scroll to page 3 for the most recent comments in regards to you. We're just frustrated with the inaction and silence on your part, the city, and all players involved in this Keele/Wilson corner land issue. The crap happening and being reported at the Federal level surely isn't being repeated at the Municipal, is it?

I'm sure you've read this recent article (and all previous) detailing all the illegal activities that you surely know off... Mondo Condo P.07

Thank you for your time and possible reply,

Edit: I'll keep a running count here. There are 44 Councillors and one mayor. Responses from these individuals to date... 1/45

  • posted by siggy
  • Sun, Apr 10, 2005 9:11am

You've inspired me too Pot. I'm going to email Maria as well. She doesn't know me but I know her. TO certainly does appear to have a housing crisis - both the poor and the criminals are left on the street, shame on the caretakers.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sun, Apr 10, 2005 2:06pm

Monday April 12th's council agenda is here... Agenda

Contained in there is the fully detailed median file... The Median


To address the various concerns with access and egress to and from Keele Street while maintaining the current median configuration in the short term, it is necessary to develop options that will re-direct traffic related to the new development, on an interim basis. This could allow the current access configuration for the Canadian Tire gas station to remain.

Staff have been advised that the neighbouring land owners are negotiating the feasibility of creating an interim access from Independence Way to Wilson Avenue through an easement. This easement would be the subject of an agreement between the developers and their neighbouring property owners to the north, thereby providing access from the new town homes directly onto Wilson Avenue. This interim access would address the concerns related to left turning movements from the new residential development, to and from Keele Street.

(2) Implementation Strategy:
As indicated above, the neighbouring land owners are negotiating an interim access agreement which redirects traffic from the new residential development away from Keele Street. However, as the **status of these negotiations between land owners is not available to staff**, further plans for a modified access cannot be finalized in detail.

Maria, there is a lot of fucking bullshit in there. A group of friends owns your corner and I'm sure they are having a great time 'negotiating' with each other. And 'not available to staff'?? You sound like Royer, completely blind and clueless for years. You damn well know what the hell is going on.

And you're allowing it. Bad move.

PS. What the fuck does 'interim' mean? Either you build a condo with a road through the property or you don't. Where are the plans? Are they telling buyers a 'temporary' road has to go through the front door... just for a little while?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Apr 12, 2005 3:45pm


It has come and gone. Royal Host has now given out what they hope are the last crumbs to the Mondo Condo staff.


This is a sick joke. The poor General Manager had to listen and try to 'help' as much as he could. He admitted that he thought it would be bad, but not like this. It didn't help that the Royal Host HR helper came across as a callous prick. So Jim was on his own.

They estimate that 1/3 of the eligible employees did not pick up their pittance. Looking at the box (I went as late as possible), I'll lowball my own figure at 1/2. This isn't suprising as the location and date was spread only by word of mouth. They claim that a recent paycheck stub (we normally have direct deposit and our stubs reach us weeks later) had a little blurb about it. Good stuff guys! You're good at all that shit you do.

Guess what?? No one got a breakdown! Just like our pay for the last month. NO FUCKING BREAKDOWN!! Is this shit not illegal?? They won't tell us what they based our recent pay, or our severance on. We got a lump sum and see ya.

Ok, figures...

Top employee (the one we believe entitled to the most) received approximately $7800 pre-tax ($5000 after). Using a 12 year calculation we got an hourly wage $0.11 below her current rate. At the proper 12.33 years the calculation comes out to $0.56 less per hour. Now this employee worked full hours, did overtime and had statutory pay during the period so her total should average above her hourly rate. She did take a short vacation during this period, but that should not have a negative affect on the calculation.

The Potentate received $2805.13 pre-tax ($2500 after) for his 12+ year tenure at the crime hotel. This was actually unexpected but due to a well timed leave of absence the calculation took a much busier time into account (compared to what would have been available during the leave). This works out to about a 20 hour work week. I was actually embarassed around some other employees with smaller checks knowing that they had been recently putting in many more hours.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM case and most enlightening was that of one of our shop-stewards. This guy was hired by Royal Host on April 5th, 2000 and then transferred into our property. He worked at front desk which ended up getting unionized a couple years back. Anyway, since our closing date is April 5th, 2005 he squeezed into severance by a hair. But no check awaited him today. They apparently counted him as 4 years, 10 months! That's the termination letter date. This has led us all to believe that Royal Host is not using these last 8 weeks in any calculation of time served. So we've all been at least screwed out 1/6 of a year severance calculation. Plus the vacation crap. Plus the overtime crap. And so on, and so on. This one even bothers the GM a lot. He said he's gotta fix it.

So were all pissed. Let's talk about the union now... WHAT ARE YOU FUCKS GONNA DO ABOUT THIS??? Here's a few suggestions...

Mr. P.V. Business Agent. You know that little card you like to show off? The one that says you're good at target practice and allowed to carry/hide certain equipment. I saw it a few times. Did I ever tell you about my Canada's Wonderland water-gun target prowess? I owned that game! I had every stuffed animal imagineable. So let's be teammates again! Here's what you do. Take that card and stuff it down Greg Royer's pants and tell him that you and the Potentate are coming for his one descended testicle, unless...

  • the employees get a full breakdown of how their severance and last 8 weeks of pay were calculated.
  • our mutual shop-steward friend gets his damn money. On a side note, he owes me 20 bucks, so guess what?... Once again YOU'RE FUCKING WITH MY GOD-DAMN MONEY!!!!
  • Get us a toll-free contact number to Calgary because apparently they don't have one. This really pissed off some who were given a 1-403-258-5697 number for a chick named Sherry. By the time we find her and get some info, we're probably better off spending the cash on a 976 she-male chat line... Hi Greggy, baby...
  • Make sure those unclaimed checks get sent out by registered mail. When that was asked about, the response was 'we haven't thought about it'. But the reaction also said 'that sounds expensive!' so I doubt they'll wilfully do it.

There is so much more but work on that first. We're all still way too pissed off to think about all the labour board shit and the legal shit and the shit-disturbing shit that's being discussed.

PS. Once again, someone please tell me that we have a legal right to see the breakdown of our pay. Me and you Royer. It's on.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Apr 12, 2005 8:25pm


Reports/comments are slowly trickling in. Let me give you a taste of some commentary. I was laughing too hard, in the 'I feel for ya' way, so I wrote some down. Now some of the people that this stuff is directed at, should blame their bosses, and not me...

-"fucking bullshit"

-"stupid bitch"

-"I want to understand how the hell..."

-"If you're an accountant, shouldn't you be fired for this shit?"

-"if I didn't read the website, I wouldn't have known about today"

-"P____?? I don't want to talk to that fuck"

-"incompetent slut"

The penniless shop-steward told me that he was specifically told and guaranteed at the start that he will be eligible for the severance. This is the reason he chose to stay around. It was confirmed by Royal Host. If it wasn't the case, he would have jumped ship long ago.

Now this issue of not providing us with a breakdown is really a sore-point (there are so many, that I'm typing standing up). One employee forwarded me a letter that he sent to 'Sherry' or 'Sherri' (actually who gives a fuck) Wall at Royal Host. This is the type of shit that the employees should not have to be doing...


Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 2:18 PM
Subject: Severance Package Travelodge Toronto Yorkdale

Hello Sherri,

My name is . I have been employed at the Travelodge Toronto Yorkdale since November 9, 1996. I received my severance package today and was hoping that you could clarify how the sum of $1,428,58 was reached. From my records, this figure seems to be about $500.00 short. I was hoping that you can get back to me and clarify this matter at and correct me if my breakdown below is incorrect.

On my final pay cheque (before severance package included), the year-to-date is as follows:

In lieu (termination pay) 662.99
V/Pay 239.62
Regular 1,661.18
Overtime 131.96
Gratuties 926.88
Total 3, 622.63

From my understanding, vacation pay and overtime are not included in the pool of severance. Thus, 3,622.63
- 131.96

Also, from my understanding, severance was paid out based on the 12 weeks prior to April 5 (the date of closure). This means the twelve weeks goes back until January 11, 2005. As I worked on December 30, 31(22h/$345.40) and January 8 (8/$125.60), I understand that this is also not included in the total pool of severance. Thus, 3,251.05
- 125.60

Therefore, my records indicate that 2780.05 should be the figure used for my pool of severance. Thus, 2,780.05 / 12 = $231.67 as my average weekly earnings. I am not sure exactly what the percentage used for the remaining 5 months are after 8 years of service but in this case i will use the figure 8.33. Thus, 231.67 x 8.33 = $1,929.81.
Can you please get back to me as soon as possible and clarify this matter.

Thanking you in advance,

This is one case. Everyone is as confused as this, and half the employees have yet to see their check. They are probably waiting for a direct deposit. The General Manager is no longer available by phone and I'd hate to be one of the people looking for my check (apparently they already know some addresses are no good).

Royal Host continues to fuck everything and everyone up. And we want the world to know. I'd send UFCW to hell, but they already reside there. Come back for a vacation boys! I'll serve you the white wine spritzers.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Apr 12, 2005 9:49pm



Subject: severance pay (your nightmare- blame Greg)
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005

Hi Sher,

I am a former employee of the Travelodge Hotel in North York and an intimately close friend of Greg Royer. Nice to meet you. Do you mind being a dear and send me an email or letter detailing how my...

a) severance pay amount
b) any in lieu pay over the last 8 weeks

...was arrived at (including exact figures and not some vague wording). Can you also tell me if the calculations used in my case apply to all other staff? They seem to be rather curious as well.

Thank you for your time,

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 13, 2005 2:16pm


This is getting more and more ridiculous. We're gonna start the collect calling soon. I'll be taping any responses, if I'm pushed to making calls.

Those that have phoned Calgary just get more pissed.

Check out the response to last nights letter...


Dear :

Sherry has forwarded your query regarding severance and lieu payments to my attention. Upon reviewing the calculations completed by the Royal Host Payroll Department I have concluded they are correct and comply with correspondence provided to you by the General Manager Jim Kerstens.
Please note that all calculations for lieu and severance were based on the Ontario Labour Standards Act 2000.

Please direct any further inquires to my attention.

Yours truly
Jennifer Cryderman
Payroll Manager
Royal Host Companies

and the game continues...


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005

Hi Jennifer,

I'd be happy to correspond with you. But this cannot be a one sided relationship. You have to actually read what I write. I didn't ask anyone to review the calculations completed by the Royal Host Payroll Department. I did not ask for whether you have concluded they are correct. I asked for exact figures so that I can double-check them myself. Do you find that to be a strage request?

If I was not clear, I apologize. Can you please send me a full breakdown of the hours and values used to calculate my severance and in lieu pay. As payroll manager, I'm sure these numbers are readily available to you. They might bore you to tears and make you really hate your job, but they interest me.

If you cannot provide me with this data, please explain why.

Thank you,

I'm getting a full physical done this week. Greg, I've always held you responsible for my headaches and such. You can blame the union guys, but I look at you all as one and the same. A bunch of fucks, fucking up the little guys. Do you think I have a case? Do you think we all might have a case?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 13, 2005 5:18pm


We're slowly, slowly getting somewhere. Remove the union and Greg Royer (who might be fatigued) and the ladies at Royal Host start throwing bones to us doggie-gosh-darn-lovable-pit-bulls.

More of today's correspondence. A coworker got Sherry (we figured out the spelling)! Maybe she didn't like me, so I got Jennifer personally. I'm sure they are both sweeties though. She only gets a CC on the other one. Actually these things seem to be CCing all over RH and on the net. It's an email party!


Subject: termination pay

Hi again Sherry,

Another of my concerns is regarding termination pay. Up until the final week of pay (which was paid out on a one week basis), I had been receiving $342.86 for two weeks. However, I was only paid $102.87 in lieu hours along with $53.47 vacation pay. Shouldn't one weekpay be half of $342.86 for $171.43. Again, can you please get back to me as soon as possible regarding these concerns along with the severance pay calculation.

Thanking you in advance


From: <>
Cc: <>; <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2005 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: termination pay

Good afternoon,

I will respond to your first email after we have reviewed your file, we will do this as quickly as possible. In response to this email, this pay period was based on three days only, not five, therefore the calculation was as follows:

Average weekly earnings $171.43
divided by 5 days 34.29
times 3 days $ 102.87

This calculation is correct, therefore you received the correct amount for this pay period.

Sherry Wall

My lady...


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:28:39 -0600


The calculation for your lieu was based on an average of your weekly earnings for the 12 weeks preceding Feb 8/2005. Because you did not have earnings in all 12 weeks we used the 3 weeks actually paid in this time frame to provide you with a more reasonable average.

The follow earnings were used:

15.5 hours at 11.17 for Feb 805 week
= Gross 173.14
46 hours at 11.17 for two weeks ending Feb 3/05
= Gross 513.82

Total divided by 3 weeks equals your weekly average of 228.99

I hope this provides you with the detail your require.

Your truly
Jennifer Cryderman

And the backhand smash down the line (for you tennis fans)...


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005

Thank you Jennifer. I know you're trying. But I still have questions...

-is using only this 3 week period an arbitrary decision on your part? Because I did have some paid leave and vacation earlier on in this 12 week period. I do believe that the pay during those weeks averaged out to a higher amount. Can you please verify this. And if this 'off' period were not to count, would you not have to go back to the weeks prior to get your figures? Did Royal Host consult the ESA rules in relation to this type of scenario? Can you point me to the article, if so. Maybe you were being charitable to me and not to others. Or maybe not. Sorry, my mind tends to equate Travelodge with 'looking out for

-Once again I'll thank you for answering the 'in lieu' part... in part. Can you now send me the severance figures and how those were arrived at? I now believe that the 3 weeks worked before February 8th were the whole basis of my 12+ years severance (and possibly for other employees?). You can understand my unease with that thought. Or maybe not.

-From February 8 onward, I was still an employee of the Travelodge Hotel. I worked shifts and received some 'in lieu' pay over the final 2 months of the hotel's existence. Were those final two months calculated into whatever figures you will be forwarding in regards to severance? I calculate that I was employed by the hotel for 12 years (Dec. 5/92 to Dec. 4/04) plus 122 days (Dec. 5/04- April 5/05). That figures to 12.33 years of service. Multiplying that by your weekly figure gets me close to my severance amount, so I think we're on the same wavelength here.

-finally, why do vacation and overtime not count as earnings toward severance?

Thank you!

You'll notice that so far we're stonewalled on severance. 'in lieu' is discussed. 'Severance' seems to be a naughty word.


  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 10:25am


If Jennifer is reading, thanks for being in the current spotlight. It's better than what awaits a few others.

More correspondence for those that love to read what HR and accounting people go through when they meet the Potentate and friends...


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 08:26:27 -0600


Labour Standards requires that we calculate your weekly average based on the 12 weeks immediately preceding the notice date. All employees had the
same formula used.

Ontario severance is calculated on years of service and months of service. In your case the average weekly earnings multiplied by 12.3 years.

If you require further information please reference the Ontario website

Yours truly
Jennifer Cryderman



Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 13:19:04 -0400

Interesting. Now I'll get more pointed...

a) So if I was on leave for those 12 weeks and did not work a single shift, what figures would have been used? In the same way, if I came off of sick leave 2 days before the February 8th, would that count as a 'full' 40 hour shift?... since I did not technically miss a shift. Is this Royal Host's interpretation of the ESA?

b) Why is the vacation pay during that time frame not considered worked earnings or used in the calculation. According to your response only worked shifts are used. Is this correct for all?

c) Going back to 'in lieu' amounts... if an employee worked minimal hours before February 8th and maximum hours for the 4 weeks after February 8th, would the final 4 weeks in lieu pay reflect that? Or was all employee in lieu pay based only on pre-Feb 8th figures? If so, who's rules are those?

d) Can you please confirm that my severance was based on this...

15.5 hours at 11.17 for Feb 805 week
= Gross 173.14
46 hours at 11.17 for two weeks ending Feb 3/05
= Gross
Total divided by 3 weeks equals your weekly average of 228.99

multiplied by your 12.3 = 2816.57

Using your own figures (which I'm not yet disputing- just clearing up), I'm short by $11.44 on my severance. So someone ate up my lunch money on top of everything else. Can you please locate it? If you do, I'll actually skip lunch and will donate that amount to a charity yet to be decided. A recommendation from you is appreciated too. Let's locate money for a good cause. Royal Host can use it as PR. "We searched our books because we care".

Once again thank you Jennifer. You're providing me with much more than Greg Royer or the UFCW ever did.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 10:43am


Today's round is heating up!!! I gotta go for my physical. Doc's waiting.


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:30:02 -0600

Dear Mr

I believe we have covered all required information. Please direct further queries to the website as advised previously.

Your truly
Jennifer Cryderman

Is she brushing me off? Sounds catty! I looove cats!


Subject: Re: Severance and Lieu Questions
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 13:40:47 -0400

Actually Jennifer, if you read the last email, we have not covered it all. There was an A. There was a B. There was a C. And a D.

All legitimate questions. And my figure does not equal your figure yet. Can we at least work on that? Or just direct me to the proper legal channel to dispute the figures.

A confirmation and clarification is all I ask. It can't be too busy there as you were very quick with your curt reply. So I'm on my own with the charity choice?

Thanks in advance,

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 3:23pm


They are barricading themselves. Chickenshits. FACE US YOU BASTARDS! One of my co-workers was so pissed off after a phone call to Calgary that he needed to go 'meditate'. He's using one of those new age 'fuckers, fuckers, fuckers' chants.

I'm getting impatient. Means things are gonna get worse. Here's the latest letter to the big man himself...


Subject: My severance, your stonewalling silence, and your HR incompetence
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:15:00 -0400

Dear Mr. Royer,

I am once again writing to request a full breakdown of my severance pay and how it was arrived at. There are other questions that Jennifer is still working on, but this is most urgent. After exchanging many recent emails with your staff which all can be found in this thread...;f=19&amp;t=000705 (you'll have to navigate to the most recent posts), I have yet to receive an answer. A few of my incensed co-workers have also tried calling to no avail. That's not nice. Luckily, I always take no response... as a response. But now I need your help.

I was paid $2805.13

Your payroll manager has yet to supply me with the figures and dates used to get that exact amount. Am I not being clear in my request? Too difficult? Would the question pass legal scrutiny, ya think? That is what I seek and what I and my coworkers are entitled to. Am I mistaken? If you hide stuff like this from us, I can just imagine what you hide from your shareholders. Where's CFO Peter? He still there? I loved that comment on the conference call. CLASSIC!! As you know, I once was a shareholder myself... until I discovered... well, you know.

Your old friend (who once gave you the benefit of the doubt),

PS. I guessed on a few of those CC email addys. If they don't work please pass the letter along for me. Thanks! And let's get together for a coffee sometime. Bring your joint-venture partner Joe.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 14, 2005 5:37pm

This was so good, I gave it it's own thread!...


  • posted by hellraiser
  • Mon, Apr 18, 2005 7:25am

I was infomed of an article in today's National Post about Royal Host. I'll throw it in this thread...

Bottom-feeder takes a bite of Royal Host REIT

So George Armoyan is up to 19.7%. Looks like Greg Royer and family might soon lose this company. Unfortunate.

Let's talk George. You like that REIT much more than I do. Even after you sent your spy guy from Clarke to the hotel for a couple weeks... to check things out? Like did he check things out and get back to you? He sure was given a lot of info. The staff was wondering. Any ammunition you have against Greg Royer is cool but you gotta return some of the love...

...a breakdown, our money, a pair of cuffs on Royer. So much to do.


Mr. Armoyan is emerging as a shakeup artist who muscles his way on to boards, looking to fix broken or lagging companies.

Hey look at that. Substitute Armoyan for Potentate.

We're like fucking twins!!! Can you spare some of my change, brother?

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Tue, Apr 19, 2005 9:43am

I understand that some Mondo Condo fans don't know about other related threads and are missing some of the current conversations. This thread was started by a Westmount Condo buyer.

questions from a Westmount Condo buyer...

And don't forget the popular...

Royal Host admits they are INCOMPETENT!

Just some of many stories making their way 'out'.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 20, 2005 1:56pm

Hey guys!! LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!

How about Greg and Randy Royer sit their asses down in the Potentate's chair. Share the straps, boys.

Eminem recently recorded a song where he refers to the jouney into his past as following the Yellow Brick Road. If you guys ain't fans, here's the opening lines for ya...


Come on, let's cut the bullshit enough
Let's get it started, let's start addressing this issue and open it up
Let's take this shit back to bassmint
And we can disscuss statements thats made on this tape
And its whole origin of the music that we all know and love

Well, we've got a ton of little munchkins following the Royal Host Yellow Brick Road. We're rapping like mother-fuckers and loving it as we go along. Join us brothers as we search your past...

Where's the starting point, you ask? How do we find it, oh Potentate? Well, a good start is to just go to the Royal Host news archive. And? Let's go to the first listed release. That would be NOVEMBER 27, 1998 There is our start point... and now we'll go in the proper direction... BACKWARDS-SOUTH-INTO TO THE FUCKING PAST Cuz that's where most skeletons lie and lay buried. And we all enjoy scary tales! So let's dig 'em up!!!

Now there is an end of the road. We're going to see the Wizard(s) of Oz at some point. The men fellating each other behind the curtain.

Remember Wersebe's York Hannover and Castor's Stolzenberg? Jail. Wanted.

Remember Ron Kelly's Kelloryn/RHK and a management company called AFM? Jail or hiding. Halted.

Remember the crazy expansion/wealth of YH , the YH brand and its dependence on pension funds? Then the fizzle and... gone.

Remember the crazy expansion/wealth of RHK, the HoJo brand and its dependence on pension funds? Then the fizzle and... gone.

Remember the crazy expansion/wealth of Royal Host, the Travelodge brand and its dependence on pension funds? Then the fizzle and... gone.

Oh sorry guys. That last one is from the new Doctor Who series on BBC. Lot's of time travelling going on. Backwards, backwards. Focus. Focus. OK.

Let's all hold hands as we start with the early files that you don't want mom to look at...

From the Sedar database ...

November 5, 1998


The portfolio has grown with the acquisition of three significant Ontario
properties for $52 million. More importantly Royal Host announced that it will become the first fully internalized hotel REIT in Canada by acquiring its own management company.

Wonder where they got that idea and where they found those hotels and look at all that cash!! Keep walking. Tralalala...

September 17, 1998


'It has been our intention to have a fully internalized management structure since our inception, ' said CEO Randy Royer. ' Controlling hotel management in this industry is critical to creating long term value for unitholders.

Since, we're going backwards that's a logical thing to hear. Backs up the first one. Good stuff boys. Tralalalafuckin'la...

September 15, 1998


'We are extremely pleased with the acquisition of these hotels,' said CEO R.B. Royer. 'These are profitable, high quality properties which will make an immediate positive impact on our earnings and cash flow. We will increase margins and reduce risk by implementing our operating strategy, which is to lower fixed costs, de-emphasize food and beverage operations, and focus on room sales. We are also pleased to have obtained the favourable financing required to complete this deal.'

We just made it to the big one boys. Take pictures!! The former Travelodge employees are humbled that you wanted us so. Like I mean, we were like your first big purchase. The statement purchase. The REIT that's us 3 hotels! Dum dum duh dum... sorry... tralalala...

July 29, 1998

Oh dear wicked witches of MFD!! We're at the Final Long Form Prospectus. That's like the company's whole start plan and shit. You know the type that legit people would allow you to access in their archive. Well, we'll leave all the really curious munchkins to read it in full, but will point out...


Acquisition Strategy - External Growth

Royal Host will continue to consider acquisitions of hotels that compete primarily in the upper mid-market and mid-market segments of the lodging industry and certain hotels that compete in the first-class segment of the lodging industry which meet Royal Host's investment criteria. Management believes that the substantial hotel operating, financial, development and transactional experience of Royal Host's internal management, the Trustees and Royco Hotels, and their relationships and reputations in the hotel industry, will continue to enable Royal Host to identify and acquire underperforming hotel properties, the operations of which can be rapidly improved, and other hotel properties that meet some or all of its investment criteria.

Royal Host considers investments in hotel properties that are accretive, are expected to provide a superior return on investment and that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • successful hotels available at favourable prices;
  • properties in attractive locations that management believes could benefit significantly by converting to a franchise brand that could strengthen the acquired hotel's competitive position including properties that could require partial or complete renovation to qualify for a new franchise;
  • properties in locations with relatively high demand for rooms, a relatively low supply of hotel properties and economic or other barriers to easy entry into the hotel business, such as a scarcity of suitable sites or zoning
    restrictions; and
  • underperforming hotels where profit margins can be enhanced through quality management and repositioning.
Royal Host does not place emphasis on any particular hotel franchise brand, but pursues opportunities to acquire hotel properties either with strong, international franchise afilliations or hotel properties with the potential to obtain such franchises.

**side note while we take a lunch break
... Director Ron Ghitter has been actively involved in a number of commercial real estate projects in Alberta and he is presently a director of Penreal Advisors Ltd., a private company providing real estate advisory services to Canadian pension funds and institutional investors.

**side note II... it was Vector cereal with milk- Fuel Up!

Investment GuidelinesThe Declaration of Trust provides for certain guidelines and investments which may be made by the REIT. The assets of Royal Host may be invested only in accordance with the following guidelines:

(c) Royal Host may invest in a joint venture arrangement only if:

(i) the arrangement is one pursuant to which Royal Host holds an interest in real property jointly or in common with others("joint venturers'') either directly or through the ownership of securities of a corporation or other entity (a ""joint venture entity") as co-owner and not as partners;

(ii) Royal Host's interest in the joint venture arrangement is not subject to any restriction on transfer other than a right of first refusal, if any, in favour of the joint venturers;

(iii) Royal Host has a right of first refusal to buy the interests of the other joint venturers;

(iv) the joint venture arrangement provides an appropriate buy-sell mechanism to enable a joint venturer to purchase the other joint venturer's interests or to sell its interest;

(v) the joint venture arrangement provides that the liability of Royal Host to third parties is several and not joint and several, provided however, that subject to any remedies that each joint venturer may have against the other joint venturers, a joint venturer may be required to give up its interest in any particular property owned by the joint venture entity as a result of another joint venturer's failure to honour its proportionate share of the obligations relating to such property; and

(vi) the joint venture arrangement permits, but does not require, Royal Host or its designee to participate fully in the management thereof; provided, however, that the foregoing restrictions shall not apply in respect of Royal Host's investment in the Grand Okanagan Resort;

(h) Royal Host shall not invest in raw land for development except for existing properties with additional development potential or properties adjacent to existing properties of Royal Host for the purpose of

(i) the renovation or expansion of existing facilities; or

(ii) the development of new facilities which will
be capital property of Royal Host;

Damn I love that phrase joint venture. Joe and the Royers. I recommend strawberry cheesecake flavored lube. Unless you're the rough type?

Wonder what happened with that 60 day VTB mortgage? Did Joe cough up the 3 million? Where da financials Royers? Soon, huh?

Sure, there is more.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 20, 2005 4:00pm

For all those that enjoyed the previous post, I am now cut/pasting this message from the Royal Host admits they are INCOMPETENT! thread. Consider this practice for a future mass advertising campaign...


Hello to all pissed off employees and fans across the world. You're all invited to the bout of all time!

quote: This Information Circular is furnished in connection with the solicitation of proxies by the trustees (the "Trustees") of Royal Host Real Estate Investment Trust ("Royal Host") for use at the Annual and Special Meeting (the "Meeting") of the holders ("Unitholders") of trust units ("Units") of Royal Host to be held on the 11th day of May, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. (Toronto time) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 205-B (Street Level), 255 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, and at any adjournment thereof, for the purposes set forth in the Notice of Annual and Special Meeting.

In homage to 80s Def Leppard, the event has been renamed to ARMAGEDDON IT

quote: Take it, take it, take it from me
I got an itchy finger following me
Pull it, pull it, c'mon trigger the gun
'cos the best is yet to come
I say
('cos the best is yet to come)
Oh, are you gettin' it?
Oh, really gettin' it?
Yes, are you gettin' it?
Whooh, really gettin' it?
(oh) come get it from me

Greg... you too Randy, c'mon... the answer to each is armm - aa - geddonn - itt. Good boys.


Don King is gonna be soooooo jealous.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Wed, Apr 20, 2005 11:32pm

And check...mate.


The first of the two sales in question started on June 16, 1998, when Joseph Chetti of Toronto-based Amberwood Investments Ltd. paid the Ontario government $1.27-million for 12.5 hectares of industrial land in Brampton, putting down $250,000 as a deposit. Six days later, he sold it to Penreal Advisors Ltd. for $3.92-million.

Nighty fuckin' night boys.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 21, 2005 4:53am

Can't sleep. Kinda feeling bad that the game is over. Last night's check...mate was depressing. You're not alone Greg! Maybe we can keep the mind occupied with related brain stumpers? Try...

The original August 27, 1997 Declaration of Trust had a rather lengthy and specific 4.1 Investment guidelines section. Especially all that joint venture stuff. Hey Ghitter! Only you Randy and Sikora around back then to sign?

For good measure a June 25, 1998 ammendment #1 made 4.1 even longer! Everyone seemed to like that judging by the signatures.

Oops let's take a break... pick up some rather expensive quality properties from our good friend Ron 'diddle' Kelly. We'll even joint venture on one of them with him! Done. OK, break over.

June 8, 1999 ammendment #2. Um, we've decided one joint venture is cool enough. Let's scrap all those pesky 4.1 specifics now. Like right now.

Stumped... I'm stumped. Greg, can you help? How many hotel joint ventures have you guys entered into since 99? Was the wording too specific? And where the fuck is my breakdown? Is Jennifer still trying to make the numbers make sense?

See, so many questions left to ponder. No boredom yet!

  • posted by siggy
  • Thu, Apr 21, 2005 7:06am

Who could sleep with all the noise - the renovation hammers, the saws, the unanswer'd questions. It's reverberating all the way across the country for godcliffe's sake


How many hotel joint ventures have you guys entered into since 99?

That is the question.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Thu, Apr 21, 2005 3:48pm

Does anyone at MFD require anymore screws for their screwing screwdrivers?

How about a lesson in Royal Host/Ron Kelly mathematics? This is all theoretical of course. Just some discussion points...


Calgary, September 15, 1998 – Royal Host Real Estate Investment Trust (Royal Host) announced today that it has agreed to acquire a $52 million package of three hotels containing 940 rooms. The properties include the Chimo in Ottawa, the Westin in London, and a 50% interest in the Triumph Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Toronto.

The hotels are being acquired for $68,000 per room

Let's use advanced calculus to figure out the 50% share price…

$68,000 x 940 rooms = $63,920,000

$63,920,000 - $52,000,000 = $11,920,000

So they valued each half at $11,920,000

Following? It's so damn complicated…

We know that the Royers never intended to sell. That would put a price on their half. But they um, got twisted into a sorta-sale.


Calgary, Alberta February 24, 2005 - Royal Host, a diversified hotel Real Estate Investment Trust, today announced that it has sold its 50% interest in the Travelodge Hotel and Conference Centre – Toronto to a residential condominium development group for $10.8 million. Proceeds from the sale will be used to pay down a $5.5 million mortgage and for general corporate working capital purposes. The transaction will have no material affect on Royal Host's earnings or asset value.

Now did they sell at a loss? Not according to the above statement. So they overvalued the hotel in 1998 by…

$11,920,000 (inflated) - $10,800,000 (actual) = $1,120,000 (inflate on each half) x 2 halves = $2,240,000

For those with short attention spans…


The first of the two sales in question started on June 16, 1998, when Joseph Chetti of Toronto-based Amberwood Investments Ltd. paid the Ontario government $1.27-million for 12.5 hectares of industrial land in Brampton, putting down $250,000 as a deposit. Six days later, he sold it to Penreal Advisors Ltd. for $3.92-million.

3.92 – 1.27 = a $2.65-million scam

15% for laundry quarters.

Damn, I thought the detergent said 'Fresh Scent'!!

PS. Also remember that the 10.8 figure hides alot more bullshit. That hotel was never worth close to $21.6M.

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Fri, Apr 22, 2005 11:58pm

This weekends brain stumper.

How does a bankrupt hotel sold for $9M in 1992 get a paper value of about $24M six years later? With even more owing in mortgages?

This is with no major renovations (well not much in the 'minor' department was done either, but we won't nit-pick). Then over the next 6-7 years only loses about $2.2M in value. This again with no renovations. The hotel was railroaded even worse than before. It's a falling apart shell right now, compared to '98 ('92 would be a palace in comparison). Joe must be a construction wizard. Hope he's got a big wand!

Here is a typical management decision (which drove the Food and Beverage staff absolutely bonkers)...

Around 1999-2000 Toronto bars were told that they would become non-smoking unless certain conditions were met. The Travelodge bar was open to the lobby, which was the only no-no. The solution was to glass it off, which had a quoted cost of $5000-10,000.

Management decided against it... maybe Joe would soon be on his way?

The cost? It resulted in a direct loss of about $120,000 per year for the remaining years. These figures are leaked estimates. But I can tell you the staff was unanimous in their 'Holy fuck that is stupid' feel. And when we look at that figure, we also look at the lost $18,000 (15% estimate) of tips and all the hours that were cut.

Do you Royal Host dudes understand why you suck horse shit yet? That is one out of an infinite amount of stories. Imagine the badwill your Travelodge brand has received over the years and it ain't gonna end. You're still at $0.03 a share? Pitiful bastards. Or maybe you're just still funneling.

Oh and the staff still cordially requests their fucking breakdown and all owed monies.

PS. Greg, our head shop-steward says hello. She says she believes in that kharma stuff. Crazy lady, that one!

  • posted by hellraiser
  • Sat, Apr 23, 2005 12:01pm


We've been getting reports of extreme panic/stress/anxiety being felt by many this week. MFD takes that as a compliment.


After months of site renovations, Joe is back!! And it looks it. They fixed the two laughable video links and removed any mention of an occupancy date. News is still to come. No builder story. My favorite (this was a Baker thing too)... under the registration form, you can ask to correspond in Farsi or Malay-Indonesian (among others), but not in Italian. It's like Joe really don't wanna havva talk to a buyer!

Here's the old portfolio of one of the credited web designers (The Hippo one's been under construction for a year)... Kriostech

So honestly, what site improvements were made since last summer, Joe? The site was on all that promo material and it's only going up now?? When like 90% of the units are sold (or whatever the pick-it-out-of-a-hat number of the day is)?? I'd love to know how many people invested $300,000+ for a north-east Westmount view. Gotta be a few in there.

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